First Official Mission - Whiskey Cavalier
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The team is set up in New York with a bar being their cover. They are assigned to retrieve a ledger from a Greek smuggler named Stravos in Czech. The ledger has all the information about all of the people whom he works with, and it is in a vault at the bank which required his retinal scan.

They orchestrate his extraction but are thwarted by mercenary who kills him. The next move is to sneak into the morgue and scan his eye that way. Edgar sneaks will and Frankie in a body bag and Susan is in awe of how easily he lies.

They have to extract the whole eye when the mercenary comes for them again. They then find out they need his wife's scan too.

Will has to seduce her, and Frankie doesn't have faith in his abilities. Will succeed with some help and coaching by the others. The mercenary shows up again he and Karen the widow are held at gunpoint when they go to the bank. They retrieve the ledger and the mercenary takes it but she was working with Karen.

Will and Frankie are locked into the vault and they have to Flood it with water to override the system. Frankie admits that she envies Will's ability to open up but goes back to blaming him when they get out.

They catch up with the mercenary and Karen. Frankie gets into a shootout and kills her mercenary and Will saves Karen from killing herself and takes her in since she has a photographic memory and recalls all the names on the ledger.

Ray is assigned as a liaison and works with the team. Frankie threatens him.

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Frankie: Just lock the door, Standish.
Edgar: Yeah, sure. Four years at MIT. Three years at the NSA, and I have been reduced to "lock the door, Standish."

Susan: Jai is playing with his toy car.
Jai: This is a custom built miniature assault vehicle. It is not a toy car. [plays with it and laughs] OK it's a toy car.