Cute in Glasses - Whiskey Cavalier
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Frankie and Will have a mission in the field in London. They go in posing as nerdy hackers. 

Edgar has hacking to do on the roof and falls off of it plummeting to his death if not for landing in some garbage. It traumatizes him and the others notice when he doesn't want to work for a while. 

Will and Frankie work with an MI6 agent named Emma who is interested in Will. Frankie questions her motives and whether or not she's the traitor. Wil wants to talk about what's going on between them but Frankie refuses. 

Frankie is jealous when Emma is showing interest in Will and seemingly great at everything. 

Ray is on the ground working with the team. He and Susan spend the whole mission trolling Jai over his intellect by making it seem like everyone else is smarter than him. Ray confesses eventually and tells them that Will was his only friend so he misses not having friends and pranking each other. 

Jai gets him back later. 

Will talks to Edgar and helps him get over his fears. While on the mission, Edgar has to go up on a roof again and overcomes it. 

Frankie and Will talk about what's going on beteen them and Frankie tells him that they need to remains friends. Emma surprises Will at their bar. She kisses him, and Frankie sees it and seems jealous. 

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Frankie: Apparently he doesn't feel safe with me.
Susan: Well, how many of your boyfriends have died?
Frankie: Six.

Will: Alright, look I can feel the hostility. We should talk about what happened yesterday.
Frankie: I don't want to talk about this.