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A high powered organized crime leader, Lau, plays an underground game of dominoes called Pai Gow. Peter sets up Neal to go in and play under one of his pseudo names. 

Neal gets there and just when things are about to get interesting, someone tipped off the cops and they invade. Neal escapes and fleas to a hotel room with one of Lau’s women, Mae Ling.

This woman is not what she seems to be. After crushing Neal’s tracking device watch, Mae Ling informs him that she works for Interpol. That if he works for her, she will give him information about Kate and the guy with the ring.  Neal decides to keep this information from Peter.

After tracking down the whereabouts from the tipped call, Peter comes to find out that the woman is working for Interpol, but more importantly, Neal is keeping this information from him.

Peter confronts Neal and Neal tells him his reasons for his dishonesty.  Neal sets up another meeting with Lau and Mae Ling. When Neal gets there, Mae Ling promises to give him a memory stick filled with information about Kate if he transfers the money into her companies account.

Neal does just that, but then decides to play an impromptu game of Pai Gow with Lau. The stakes are high and Neal looses all the money he bet with. Neal then decides to bet his watch.  He turns on the recording device and catches Lau telling him about his endeavors on tape.

Everything looks like a victory for the FBI, but the memory stick that Mae Ling gave Neal is empty. He is no where closer to finding out where Kate is.

The next day, Neal receives a call from Mae Ling. She tells him that she knows that the guy who took Kate is with the FBI. This leaves Neal obviously shaken up.


White Collar
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

(referring to Peter's silly socks) Are those standard FBI issued?


Neal: Washington's love letters?
Mozzie: Seriously, I don't know why you stole those in the first place.