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David Sullivan is waiting to have the FBI help him solve why his father would take out a second mortgage before he passed away. David needs their help because he didn’t believe he would do something like that.

Peter and Neal meet with an ex-cop that recently retired – at the age of 35. He tells them that there is nothing to say and right before he abruptly leaves, he walks back to the table and insists on leaving a tip.
$4.76 exactly.

Peter and Neal realize that the $4.76 must mean something. After some time searching they realize that the $4.76 is the ID number for the Federal District Judge.

After a night of research they realize that the common denominator in a bunch of legal cases is Judge Clarke.

Peter and Neal head to Peter’s house for lunch with Elizabeth. When they get there, Elizabeth casually tells them that two cable guys came by their house to fix the cable. Right away Neal and Peter realize that the house has been bugged. Neal calls in Mozzie to come “clean” Peter’s house.

Peter realizes that the judge and Fowler have a history together. She has always been the one on his cases. Knowing that they are both up to no good, Peter wants to put an end to their antics. He sets up a meeting with Judge Clarke.

At her judges chambers, Peter informs Judge Clarke that he knows about their illegal schemes. She bribes him with a quarter of a million dollars. Peter doesn’t accept, but he doesn’t deny her bribe either. What Peter doesn’t realize is that Clarke got the whole thing on video tape.

That night, after Mozzie secures the bottom half of the house, Peter and Elizabeth set up camping out downstairs.  Just before they are about to get some shut eye, Peter’s boss knocks on the door. He informs Peter that Clarke video taped him and this could actually land him in jail.

Peter rushes back to headquarters to hopefully work on solving the case. Meanwhile, Elizabeth heads over to Neal’s house asking for help.  Neal and Mozzie set up a way to clear the tape before it gets sent over to Fowler.

Fortune favors them because it works! Fowler ends up not having any evidence against Peter.

Peter and Neal plan a sting operation by fooling Fowler into thinking something else was about to happen. Fowler has no choice but to let Clarke go to jail.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Let me leave a tip, I insist.


(to Neal) You know you do Peter Pan.