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A Mafioso type of guy saunters into the FBI because his Bible has been stolen. Not just any bible, but a very historically spiritual and priceless one at that. It has also been known for its healing powers.

Peter and Neal agree to help him for a trade off of mob-less business going on. The Godfather type agrees.  Neal realizes someone most likely stole it because of the known healing powers of this Bible.

They are able to track down a guy named Steve who has a sick dog.  He said he stole the Bible, but once he did, another guy took it from him.

They bring Steve in for questioning and after several hours of looking at criminal photos, there is one that comes up as a match. Unfortunately for all parties concerned the match is of a man who was recently murdered.  This man actually is also a mob guy and works for the head boss.

Neal and Mozzie go to the dead mob guy’s house and do a little investigation of their own. They find out that he was to meet with a historian woman on the same day he died.

Neal meets with this woman and knows that she definitely has the Bible. How does he know this information? He sort of does process of elimination with a touch of his just genius brain power.

Peter and Neal agree that the best way to set her up is to show her that Neal is still the criminal that he was always known to be. Once her trust is gained, Neal would offer to be the buyer of the Bible.

All is working to plan until the woman and Neal go back to her place. She realizes that her place has been bugged. Somehow Neal outsmarts her and shows her the bug – gaining her trust. They agree to sell the Bible for $250,000 – much less than what it is worth, but good enough since the FBI and local police are all over this case.

Neal sets up the next scene with a very nervous Peter agreeing to it all. Neal meets with the woman and after a very steamy pat down, he cuts his electronic device tracker and they flee.

They arrive at a hidden and abandoned location where they make the trade.
Neal confirms that it is the actual Bible and the woman verifies that the money transfer went through. All is fine and dandy until she pulls out a gun on kill Neal. The Bible protects Neal and the FBI swarm in and captures her.

Mozzie, dressed as an FBI agent, secretly takes the Bible to Steve and his dog Lucy.  The mob guy at first is furious, but then shows his kind-hearted side by offering to take Lucy to his vet – a miracle worker.

The episode ends with Neal looking for that one clue on the bottle of champagne that he must have missed, against candle light. All of a sudden a clue appears and gives our anti-hero hope!

White Collar
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Neal: Oh ye of little faith..
Peter: You've been waiting to use that one.
Neal: Oh since lunch.

I prefer my miracles with smiting and might.