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Mozzie is at a restaurant when his favorite waitress secretly informs him of a dangerous situation that she is in.

Meanwhile, Neal and Peter are hot on a case for finding a fraud case.  Mozzie goes to Neal and asks him for help.  Neal and Mozzie do some undercover work and find out that Gina left a note to go to Sal’s.

Peter puts together that Christopher Navarro is a part of her disappearance. Peter tries to get ahold of Neal, but it’s too late. Neal gets caught in the act. Peter gets there just in the nick of time to save Neal from getting killed.

Peter tells them that Christopher kidnapped Gina because her boyfriend owes him one hundred grand.

They are able to put together that Gina is leaving clues of what is going on by confiscating a bunch of home videos of the park where she was spotted.

The clues show that her boyfriend, Tommy, dropped a phone in the trash that told him where to meet and bring the money or else she’s a goner.

Neal and Mozzie figure out that Tommy created a new identity under the name Sam Brennon. Peter puts together that Navarro was laundering counterfeit money thought Sal’s.

Peter is able to track down Tommy and have him help break the case. He gets cold feet so Mozzie goes in his place unexpectedly.
Mozzie is able to get to Gina and set up the “perfect exchange”.

While Peter and Neal wait outside of the setup, they realize that there is no need for a middle man. They rush in just in time to catch Navarro in the act of the setup with a gun.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You guys know we have stairs, right?


Mozzie do you really have friends at the FBI?