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Peter and Diana chase down a man to get information about what Fowler was up to.

The new case is regarding a politician named Jennings.  Neal gets the idea of  doing bad cop good criminal. Diana gets Neal in undercover which works like a charm.

Diana stops by Peter’s house to discuss the mystery man that they tried to catch.  Someone outside is taking pictures of their meeting.

The next day, Neal goes to collect evidence against Jennings with the help of one of his aides. He is able to get a clue off of a matchbook that gives him access to the call girl website.

At Neal’s meeting he tells Jennings that Peter is having an affair with Diana. He tells them that she is a hooker that they could use to blackmail Peter.  Jennings happily agrees.

Mozzie comes to help crack the case by offering up ten grand. He brings the cash to Neal and Diana.  Diana sets up the trap and ends up putting herself in danger, but has the wits to shoot the man after her in the shoulder.

Neal and Peter go to Jennings and arrest him for numerous felonies including attempted murder.

The next day, Diana brings in a picture of Peter with a stache for Neal. Peter and Diana still can not figure out who the mystery man is.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Because when you look at me you think soap operas and light housework.


Pull everything cameras - I wanna know who that guy is.