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Neal and Peter meet up with Sarah, a lady works for Stanley Bosh - a private insurance company, who tells them about the Samurai bonds that are stolen.

Mozzie and Neal go to an abandoned warehouse where they find reminiscent parts of the plane that blew up.  

The gang are looking for a specific man named Mr. Black.  There are over a hundred million dollars worth of bonds that are unable to track so they send Neal in undercover as Mr. Black.

Neal tries to send a signal to Peter, but it gets intercepted. He is presumed to be Mr. Black to assassin Sarah.

Mozzie informs Neal that the package they had sent to Sarah is under lock and key since she’s supposedly dead.

Sarah and Peter put together that Mr. Halbridge’s is hiding something regarding an apartment called Ridgemont.  Neal goes in as Mr. Black and blackmails him for two million.

Peter and Neal found out that Halbridge hid a dead body. The dead body happens to be Halbridge - a man named Price who killed Halbridge back in the late eighties.

Pater sets Price up and they are able to take him in. But, the real Mr. Black comes to town to finish the job - to kill Sarah.

Neal takes Sarah back to her house to try and get the black box recording when the real Mr. Black comes in and tries to kill them. Sarah is able to outsmart him, when Peter comes barging in.

Neal is unable to take the tape and leaves with Peter.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mozzie: Definitely no accident.
Neal: Did you ever think that it was?

Peter, this is like me taking you to the Yankee stadium and listening to the game in the parking lot.