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Peter is getting investigated by the FBI in Neal’s plane exploding. He tries to  convince the police that it was Folwer’s doing. It doesn’t slide, but they let him go.

Peter goes to see Neal and offers him his old deal - with the same regulations as before.  Mozzie comes to see Neal and they weigh the pros and cons.

Two months later Neal is breaking into a bank pretending to be Nick Holden - a new employee. He is able to get out of the bank with a suitcase full of cash. Cut to Peter outside waiting for him. It is clear that the boys are back to the awesome crime fighting duo.

The Architect is a bank robber going around  robbing banks across the country.  Peter tells HQ that they will be able to catch the robber.

Peter meets with Mozzie and they both admit that Neal’s mind is still obsessed with finding the person who killed Kate.  That night Mozzie realizes that Neal needs to focus on the    the case at hand - to get his mind off of Kate.

Neal is able to tie the Architect card to a multimillionaire - Mr. Walker.  They go to visit him and they cant find anything on him.  

The robber is able to plant a fake alarm to go out at all the different banks throughout the city. Neal is able to figure out that they only did this as a smoke screen to not have the police come to the main bank that they would be robbing.

Neal and Peter get there and are able to save the bank manager, but the robbers get away with all the money.  Later, Mr. Walker comes to HQ to file a suit against Peter and Neal - and to basically gloat.

Neal is able to figure out that the suitcases were different sizes and realize that the robber had an inside man. Peter and Neal head back to the bank and are able to capture the cohort.

They bring Walker in because the bank manager admits to him being the ring leader.

Mozzie meets with Neal and tells him that somehow the music box was stolen. The scene cuts to Diana opening her home safe revealing the music box inside it.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Peter: Talk some sense into him.
Mozzie: We'll take that under advisement, Suit.

Diana: Where are you going?
Peter: To see an old friend.