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Neal’s commutation hearing is finally underway, and many, including Peter, came out in support of Neal becoming a free man.


Unfortunately, Agent Kramer had other plans, as his time at the New York FBI office was really an investigation to keep Neal on the anklet and in his service in DC indefinitely. Kramer left no stone unturned, going after the stolen Raphael, which Neal raced against the clock to recover and return to Sara in order to clear his name.


Kramer almost got his way in the end, linking Neal to the Raphael, but an imperceptible nod from Peter told Neal to get lost to an unknown destination.


White Collar
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White Collar Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Mozzie: Where are you going?
Neal: To open a door I didn't want to have to open.

Whether there's an anklet or not, come Monday morning I'm gonna be stepping off that elevator on the 21st floor to go to work.