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Neal and Peter attend Ellen’s funeral, and find the mysterious Sam hanging back in the shadows. Neal and Peter attempt to find out more about him and the investigation while solving another case.


An art thief named Abigail has her sights set on Pascal’s Mobile, makes a deal with Neal that she’ll steal information from the Marshall’s office about Ellen if she helps him. This plan is complicated when Abigail delivers early, because when Neal tries to back out, she threatens to blackmail him.


Neal is forced to steal the artwork, with Peter and company carefully watching and waiting for him to be an accomplice. The action forces the team to question whether or not they were played.


White Collar
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White Collar Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I said the price was too high and I meant it. Your trust is too important to me.


If there is one guy who can find out everything he wants, it's Neal.