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Peter and Neal must stop an old friend of Mozzie's from using a con against him on this episode of White Collar. 

The Pink Panthers have gone underground, causing Peter and company to panic given that Peter staked his job and reputation in pursuing them without FBI resources.

Neal receives an urgent text from Mozzie, who is in a panic over a letter he received at his drop site. Thinking it’s from the Panthers, he panics. But it isn’t long before Mozzie spots whom he really believes left the note---his wife!

Mozzie recounts how he met her, which was on a con. Eva Perkins was a perfect fit for a sweetheart con, but it turned out that they were both cons. His hope for their most recent rendezvous falls apart when he finds out she is trying to get married to someone else.

Mozzie convinces Peter to look into his soon-to-be ex-wife by promising to stay out of the investigation. Mozzie figured out Eva was looking to marry the head of a children’s charity and is concerned about him becoming her next victim. Rather than stay out, he heads in with Neal immediately.

Interestingly enough, Eva's fiancé isn’t much of an upright gentleman himself, attacking Mozzie as he ventures home and telling him he needs to let go of Eva. Mozzie immediately informs Neal, who is skeptical, but ever the best friend, approaches Peter about it.

In the meantime, the big score is about to go down in San Francisco when the Exodus disk decodes the most recent mission that’s about to take place. Peter passes the info onto the San Francisco office, but return their attention to Mozzie while they wait. Peter and Neal agree to stake out a meeting between Jack and Eva, but Mozzie crashes it, causing Peter to believe that perhaps Mozzie's accusations aren't as far-fetched as he once thought.

Peter and Neal figure out that Jack and Eva were really after something at a gala being held in a New York art gallery, and rather than burn their meticulously built personas, are planning to use Mozzie as their fall guy. It looked as though it may be too late when Mozzie answers a mysterious call from Eva pleading for his help. Mozzie is resistant to the truth, but quickly realizes that Peter and Neal may be onto something.

Neal and Peter catch Jack in the act, but Mozzie can't help but help Eva escape one last time.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco the mission yields nothing. Lucky for Peter, Diana and Jones are able to figure out that the Pink Panthers are after half a billion dollars in unmarked Federal Reserve money.

At Neal's apartment, the leader of the Pink Panthers is waiting for him with a stunning accusation.

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White Collar Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

I will be vindicated!


I was out of a best friend, and a partner in crime.