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Woodford almost shoots Peter until he accepts credit for a well-planned and executed heist in 2007, effectively cementing his credibility.

Neal reveals to Mozzie that his plan includes Mozzie being on the outside so he can siphon off some of the cash the Pink Panthers plan to make off with without them being the wiser. Before the first break, we see Neal practicing shooting.

June drops by and Neal says goodbye. Neal drudges up his past with Mozzie, too, bringing out the cards they used in their first card game. Later, Peter and El reveal they are having a boy, and El implores upon Neal to keep Peter safe during their upcoming case.

Neal grabs a badge from a flight attendant at the aiport to get in, he also jumps into a security outfit to help Peter and Keller get in under the auspices of a mortuary company at the airport to pick up bodies. In reality, they are testing the vacuum system.

While Neal and Keller are trying to drill into the safe, the FBI team is trying to keep up and Mozzie is finding a way to intercept the cash. The plan goes off without a hitch as far as can be seen, even with Mozzie intercepting a bit.

FBI gets the Panthers. But Keller convinces Neal that he may remain on a leash despite his best efforts, and convinces him to skip out on the FBI.

Keller tries to get out with the cash, but Neal pulls a gun. They get into a fight when he mentions Kate, and then Neal ends up getting shot. Mozzie, in the meantime, is trying to get away with the cash, as Peter tries to find Neal. As Keller tries to get away, Peter spots him and Peter ends up shooting Keller dead.

In the meantime, Neal is being loaded onto a gurney and being whisked away to hospital, but not before saying a few words to Peter, not knowing they will be his last.

Peter and Mozzie identify his body in the morgue, and the two grieve their loss.

They flash forward one year. Diana moving on to DC, Mozzie is back to his corner games. Peter comes to Mozzie asking about the missing money. Peter thinks he sees Neal everywhere, as does Mozzie, neither convinced that Neal is truly gone.

As Mozzie visits with Peter, El and the baby boy the named Neal, he gives the child his prized bear, Mozart. Later, Peter and El receive a surprise bottle of wine on their front stoop. Not knowing the sender, they open it, but it isn’t long before Peter starts putting things together, and, following the clues, discovers that Neal, in fact, must be alive.

We see a quaint French street, and a familiar figure---and his hat---walking off into the distance, and we realize that Neal is, in fact, still alive. And finally free.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Peter: I know all your tricks.
Neal: Not all of them.

Peter, you, you’re son---you’re my family.