Looking the Other Way - Why Women Kill
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Mrs. Yost rebuffed Alma's attempts at friendship for 20 years.

As Bertram and Alma bury her under flowers, Alma wants to bury her with flowers. When Bertram says he spoke with her about flowers and thought Alma's garden was common and pedestrian, she is now prepared to bury the woman.

The woman who spent 20 years looking down on her flowers would now spend eternity looking up at them.

Alma was a woman who changed, and she missed that her world was also more vibrant.

Bertram is cooking breakfast in the morning, but that doesn't please Alma, either.

They need to come up with a plan as to why Mrs. Yost is missing. Alma isn't so worried. She doesn't think Mrs. Yost had any friends. Perhaps that's why she was in a bad mood, Bertram says.

Dee arrives home to her happy parents. They're fine, fine, fine now. Reconciled quite beautifully.

Dee wonders if anything is wrong with Mrs. Yost since the dog is barking like crazy inside.

The garden club nominates new members. Catherine interrupts with questions about a Chinatown apartment. She's been renting an apartment to be free of Carlo's violent, drunken rages.

Once inside Mrs. Yost's house, Alma is impressed with everything about the place. No wonder Mrs. Yost thought she was better than Alma. She was.

They decide to send Mrs. Yost away on a vacation in which she'll be lost before arriving at her destination.

Dee offers to buy breakfast for Vern. She's thrilled that Scooter called to apologize and got her a dozen roses. He thinks that if Scooter were nuts about her, he'd want to thank her with a nice dinner.

Dee tests how Scooter feels about her by arranging a dinner. He guffaws and throws her off, but she's not stupid.

Alma is all dolled up in Mrs. Yost's suit, preparing to throw off the scent of her dead body in the front yard.

He speaks to a neighbor while walking the dog, and "Mrs. Yost" drives away.

Rita wants to call a truce with Catherine. Rita reinvented herself for Carlo, but he always treated her like the same cocktail waitress he met in El Paso. She tried to love him, but he's awful. She also heard how he spoke to Catherine on the phone.

She's glad she's not the only one forced to endure his cruelty. Catherine was once engaged to a man named Hank, but Carlo ruined it by suggesting a man like that would never choose Catherine unless they were a fortune hunter.

But he married his fortune hunter, and that's unfair. They get everything, but Catherine gets nothing.

Dee hires Vern to prove that Scooter isn't lying to her. She needs to be with him, though. He works alone, he says. She'll pay him double if she can join. He wasn't going to charge her. In that case, triple it.

Alma and Bertram visit a restaurant they went to on their honeymoon, but Alma is recognized. It's Tom Madison. He's just as handsome as ever. He thinks her suit is lovely. She looks wonderful. She giggles like a schoolgirl.

Bertram finds them visiting, and having lunch with Tom isn't what he wants at all.

The maid is painting Rita's toenails as they gossip about Catherine.

Tom's divorced but lost his friends from neglect, so he let her go.

Bertram laughs when Alma says she and Tom went out. She shocks him by saying that she and Tom did a lot more than kiss. Bertram is appalled. She said he was her first. Well, he was her first killer, she says.

Rita wants Scooter to screw Catherine as a way to ride to her rescue. Dee and Vern are outside, and Dee is sad to see how beautiful Rita is. She feels so stupid.

Dee interrupts, telling Rita that she was asked to use a disguise to see him, and Rita is disgusted that he screwed THAT! At least she didn't have to pay him to get his motor going, Dee says before she leaves. Rita leaves next.

As Alma and Bertram prepare to set "Mrs. Yost" free, Bertram cannot withhold his anger over Tom. Once the car is submerged, Alma realizes she left her purse in the car. All that arguing made a mess. Bertram dives into the car to retrieve the purse, and he's successful, except he caught his trouser on something and cannot free himself.

Alma goes to his rescue. It seems this might bring them together!

When Vern takes Dee home, she talks about how her mother made her feel less than all her life. She asks Vern out for a drink, but he turns her down. He offers to get her door, but she doesn't need that. He always shows her respect, and it's appreciated.

In the living room, Dee plays a record and dances.

Vern goes home and has a drink. He's got a mangled leg.

Her parents arrive home looking a little worse for the wear. They're giggling and having fun.

Rocco is in the front yard digging up Mrs. Yost.


Why Women Kill
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Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You've gotten away with how many murders? Honestly, I don't know how you've managed without me.


Don't think that just because I helped you bury a body that I forgot about the dozens of people you killed!