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Karen leaves the club and immediately heads back to the magazine offices after realizing how close she was to being killed. After deciding that Los Angeles is too much for her, and that her life is too valuable, she tells Diver that she is moving back home. Diver asks her to write about what she's feeling. After reading it, he tells her that she is incredibly talented, and the two sleep together.

Their post-coital cuddling doesn't last long, as Detectives Roth and Contreras scoop up Karen to ask her for help with a sketch artist. Diver scolds the Detectives for using her as bait. Contreras asks Diver for his help in identifying a drug dealing who is feeding cocaine to the young girls on the strip. Diver shares what he knows. 

Kent and Betty have left the club with Mallory, a young girl who is an actress, thinking that her new friends are movie producers. Kent and Betty tie her up and toss her in the trunk, not to murder her, but for sexual kicks. In the process, Mallory gets a gash on her forehead, and Betty stitches her up. After, they engage in bizarre three-way sex, before Kent decides that he needs to take Mallory home. Betty insists that he stay with her just for a minute, and they fall asleep. In the morning, Mallory is gone. 

Betty is at first upset that Kent is so focused on finding out where Mallory went, but he assures her that he's only concerned for her safety. He kisses Betty, and leaves. 

Roth and Contreras get a lead on the drug dealer who may know where Mallory is, as they want to get to her before Kent can murder her. Their lead takes them to Bucket, a drug dealer who is working with Diane, who is undercover as a prostitute. Roth arrests Diane, and get a music video set lead from Bucket.

Diane is angry that Roth nearly busted her cover. Roth argues that her victims have a choice, while his do not. Diane doesn't want to hear it, and she asks him to go home. 

Roth and Contreras get an address for Mallory, but find out that she isn't home from her roommate. They discover that Kent was already there earlier in the morning looking for Mallory. They decide to visit local hospitals with their new composite sketch of Kent, and see if anyone has seen Mallory. They visit Betty's hospital.

Betty is shaken when she sees a photo of Kent, and hears that the police are looking for a girl named Mallory. She heads to Kent's home to get answers from him about who he is and what this is all about. He is angry with her for going to lengths to find out where he lives and for talking to his young neighbor, Mary. Betty doesn't understand why Kent is being so dodgy, and asks him to lose her number and leaves.

Roth and his wife are talking in the morning. He reassures her again that this case won't be like the last one, the first Hillside Strangler. He's not going to get completely lost and caught up in the case. Allison will believe it when she sees it. Even Roth's daughter sees in at breakfast and jokingly asks who the stranger is in the kitchen.

Kent calls looking for Mallory once again, but this time, Roth and Contreras are on the other end, with a bugged phone. Kent realizes that the conversation is being recorded, but a train goes by before he can hang up. The detectives trace the location of the phone call to the timing of the train to an upholstery factory. 

Roth heads there to find a body that has been hidden away. The rest of the place is empty. A note sits on the body, "Sorry we missed you." Kent is five steps ahead of the detectives. Roth is devastated. 

The detectives head to Hamburger Heaven, where Mallory works. She's already left for the day...she quit, actually. To be a movie star.

She's actually riding off with Kent. He stuffs her in the trunk, and goes to pick up Betty at work. He doesn't want to let her go. He believes that she is his other half. He wants to show her everything, and be completely honest with her. 

She watches, horrified, as he kills Mallory.

Wicked City
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Wicked City Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't say a word. Don't even breathe.


Kent: What are you feeling right now?
Betty: Terrified.
Kent: It's not fear bottling up inside you. It's adrenaline. Admit it. You feel more alive than you have in your entire life.