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Ryan took some time to himself, locked away from society.  In an attempt to get his friend out of this funk, Wilfred stages a number of break-ins around the neighborhood and frames Ryan for it.  The neighbors all hate him twice as much after that.

After seeing that this only made Ryan more upset and isolated, Wilfred planted the stolen goods in neighborhood kid Andy's playhouse.  Andy was sent to Juvy and Ryan was in the clear.  Not able to handle the guilt of sending the young boy to Juvy, Ryan wants to take the blame.  Just before that happens, the neighborhood homeless man dies, so Wilfred places the evidence on him.  It set Andy free, and Ryan was able to handle leaving the blame on the dead, homeless Trash Face.

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Wilfred Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

What's so wrong with a little beer and some small talk with the ass holes down the street?


But Jenna's put a lot of work into this. She even took me to the groomer. Thanks for noticing by the way.