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Jenna doesn't want to see Ryan anymore, and she doesn't want Wilfred to either.  While Wilfred makes attempts to see his best buddy, Ryan's dad attempts to get Ryan to work for his firm again.  Ryan starts to like the idea until he finds out Anne has been spying on him for Hank.  Hank wants to institutionalize Ryan, but when he breaks up a fight between Ryan and Wilfred, he falls down the stairs and dies.  While looking through Hank's office, Ryan finds a letter with "the symbol" on it. He heads to the address on the letter and finds a broken statue of a man in a dog suit with "the symbol" on its stomach.

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Look at her, acting all innocent like she isn't cheating on Drew with some tramp!


Thanks for the devagification.