Forced To Work Together - Will Trent Season 1 Episode 4
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Two teens heard a gun, and a thud saw a dead man in the road, and tell the cops a green truck left with no concern.

Everyone thought the man ran into a truck, making him sound crazy.

While searching the woods, the group found a bloody rope, a driver's license, and a second victim.

The ME found a prayer bean which is toxic and causes blindness. Both victims were tortured the same way.

Arthur's daughter hasn't seen him in years, but he abused her and her mom. Phineas's ex-wife left him when he drove drunk too many times.

Faith begins to sweat while interviewing Arthur's daughter. Angie catches Faith testing herself in the restroom.

The group searches the woods for more clues. Michael fell down a hole, and the underground torture chamber included cigarettes, straps, and crates.

A priest at a nearby church says they sold similar kneelers at an estate sale.

Will and Faith discover there are flyers at the church advertising a new group for men with a verse from Timothy. Michael gets angry that he can't chase down new evidence and storms off.

This case brought back memories for Will. Faith faints again, and Will convinces her to let him help her. They see a plastic taser cartridge nearby.

Michael sees the green truck and gets captured and tortured. The others interview the Colfields about torturing the victims.

The group learns Michael is missing and see Tom leading him around the barn. Will and Angie convince Tom to lower the gun and rescue Michael.

Will admits to Faith that people dealt with trauma differently. He reveals how he was ridiculed for his dyslexia and how he learned to deal with it.

Will wishes he had known about Angie and Michael sooner and asks her not to run next time.

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Will Trent Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Michael: No! No! Why is your boyfriend here? Stay away from my case, Trent!
Angie: Listen, the park police called him in. If we don’t play ball, they could pull us off of it.

Doctor: Any chance you two are expecting?
Faith: Humph! Sorry we’re not together. And I’m definitely not having sex, so unless God himself is cooking up a plan, I’m not pregnant.