Amanda & Will - Will Trent Season 1 Episode 1
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Abigail hears an intruder at her house and sees blood from a young girl. She struggles with an intruder and kills him with her tennis racket.

Will Trent softens and keeps Betty the dog.

Amanda needs Will's help on this robbery and murder. All the cops hate Will, but he has suspicions about this case.

Angie works undercover at VICE but is more interested in Will's case.

Paul figured out it wasn't Emma that died but her friend Kayla. Emma was kidnapped. Will is trying to decipher the connection between the young man that died and Emma and Kayla.

Angie warns they found the car. She watches the cops search it, knowing her drug bust won't happen.

Michael questions Adam's friends looking for a connection. His partner, Kenny, has a stroke.

Will figured out Warren is dyslexic.

Will wants to be cordial with Faith, but she won't forgive him for going after her mom.

Will wants Paul's DNA to see if he slept with Kayla. Paul and Will beat each other up, and Abigail realizes they have a past. She gives Faith the name of her husband's one-night stand.

After Angie confronts the drug dealer, she's switched to homicide and must work with Michael again.

Adam's roommate shows Faith and Will the threatening notes he received. The E's were backward.

Will and Faith enter Warren's studio with guns. Will sees he took drugs, keeps him talking, and learns Warren's partner told him to kill himself. As the gun goes off, Will screams. Will tells Faith about his past in foster care and the group home.

Michael hopes he and Angie work better this time.

Will finds Angie on his couch. They reminisce and begin making out.

Will is determined to find the kidnapper. Paul arrives, saying he shot the man that took Emma.

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Will Trent Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

If this case goes sideways, I’m out. If I’m out, who’s going to protect you?


I told him I’d bring my best. I just need you to read the crime scene.