Will Season 1

Will Needs Alice
"The Two Gentlemen"

On Will Season 1 Episode 3, a fugitive from Will's past has a dangerous obligation, while Will still needs Alice's help even when he has an ephiphany.

Life's a Stage - Will
"Cowards Die Many Times"

On Will Season 1 Episode 2, Will is wracked with guilt over the arrest of the rival playwright, Baxter, and he makes a dangerous confession to the beautiful and rebellious Alice.

Is the Play the Thing? - Will
"The Play's The Thing"

On Will Season 1 Episode 1, It’s 1589, a time of religious turmoil in Protestant England when to be Catholic could be a death sentence - Will Shakespeare (Laurie Davidson) arrives from the small town of Stratford to the wild streets of London with little more than a dream and a treacherous letter

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