Searching for Answers - Wolf Pack
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California wildfires stop a school bus as the teenagers wondered what was happening.

Everett was on the phone speaking to his therapist about anxiety, something that got scary when the therapist said he had to leave his building.

Blake wants to use a phone but her former friend isn't ready to let her back into her life.

The teenagers escape the bus and find themselves in danger when deer run out of the fire and start killing people.

Blake and Everett survive but they're both bitten.

Blake finds herself running home to an earful from her father, who complains that she didn't even call or have a phone like a normal kid.

As they leave, they don't have anywhere to go and Blake says she can book a hotel for them.

Roberto is livid and asks why she knows the costs. She says she slept with a guy in a room there or tried to get her and Austin a room when her parents were arguing.

Everett goes to the hospital and starts seeing strange things. He gets a call saying if he stays in the room, he'll die.

His parents show up and don't listen to him, telling him that he doesn't have a mark on him.

He escapes from the hospital and Blake sees a vision of him. They meet at her house and are attacked by a big wolf.

Kristin wants to talk to the teenagers and tells Everett it's an arson attack and they think one of his fellow students did the deed.

Everett runs off.

Harlan is in a nightclub and kisses the DJ, but he ignores messages from Luna about Garrett being missing.

Harlan doesn't care, saying he'll show back up with pneumonia and return to work a few days later. It's the process.

They reluctantly work together to go find him, but they find Blake and Everett, and realize all four are werewolves.

Wolf Pack
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Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Doctor: All right, Everett, if your eyes are closed, all you need to do is concentrate on your breath.
Everett: Sorry.
Doctor: You don't have to apologize. Notice the sound. Let it go. Come back to your breath.
Everett: Maybe I should take another Ativan. I only had one so far.
Doctor: Did you run this morning?
Everett: Three miles.
Doctor: Yoga?
Everett: 20 minutes.
Doctor: Then you're doing everything right.
Everett: But what if I just took a 1/4 of a pill?
Doctor: Everett, you know what I'm gonna say.
Everett: I know, I know, I know. I'm supposed to push through the anxiety. Tell myself it's not gonna last, it's not gonna kill me. And it's-it's actually just evidence of my body working at peak condition. But I'm pretty sure peak condition doesn't feel like there's a giant fŐ˝cking weight crushing me, so can I please just take another Ativan?
Doctor: Listen, I'm gonna have to call you back. They're evacuating my building. You're not anywhere near this fire, are you?

You went through something pretty terrifying. You saw people die. But I need your help, Everett. I need you to help me figure out who's responsible for the deaths of several people. That includes some of your friends who were on that school bus. You're gonna hear that the police suspect arson. But that's only part of the truth. Because it's not just a suspicion. I know for certain this fire was caused by arson. I can tell you I'm certain of one other thing. The arsonist is a teenager. Might even be someone you go to school with. In fact, it's quite possible this teenager was on that bus with you.