Vince vs. Trump
"Raw is Trump"

Welcome to Donald Trump's version of WWE Raw. This two-hour installment was hyped by the new owner as commercial-free.

Return of Triple H
"Uncertain Vacancy"

The consequences of this week's Extreme Rules pay-per-view were felt on Monday Night Raw. Here's what went down.

Tough Finish
"Fight to the Finish"

Maybe Ric Flair should stay retired. He got beaten up pretty badly by Randy Orton this week.

Lakers Win!
"Lakers vs. Nuggets"

On this edition of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon fired back against the Denver Nuggets. It was pretty funny.

"All's Flair in Blood & War"

Ric Flair showed up this week on Monday Night Raw. Here's a detailed recap of events.

Hardy vs. Jericho
"Enigma's Stigma"

Ready to find out what happened this week on Friday Night Smackdown? Let's get right to the results!

Batista Pic
"Judgment is Nigh"

This was the final Monday Night Raw prior to WWE Judgment Day. Here's a recap of what went down on it.

Batista Entrance
"You Win, You're In!"

More Judgment Day hype took place during this installment of Monday Night Raw. The evening did not end well for Shane McMahon.

Elbow Drop
"Ready the Gavel"

A match for Judgment Day was set up this week on Monday Night Raw. Here's a full recap of matches and developments.

Orton and Heels
"London Lashing"

Edge made his presence felt on this episode of Monday Night Raw. Here's a rundown of matches and developments.