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RKO on Cena
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Monday Night Raw gets underway with host Freddie Prinze Jr. in the ring. He confirms that DX will be returning tonight and that Randy Orton will team with John Cena against Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Orton comes out and wants Prinze to change the main event. When he refuses, Orton knocks him out.

- Kofi Kingston defeats Carlito, reversing a Backstabber and hitting his Trouble In Paradise kick for the pinfall and the victory.

- The Miz defeats Evan Bourne. He uses his new finisher, "The Skull Crushing Finale," for the win.

A limo with D- spraypainted on it pulls up in the parking lot. HHH and HBK walk out. Jillian Hall approaches them, as Triple H placesa trash can over her head.

They continue and Santino is playing a "24" character. HBK superkicks him. DX's music hits and the crowd goes wild.

In the ring, HHH asks HBK if it's good to be back. Just as they get ready to do their opening, Legacy comes out. Cody Rhodes yanks off HBK's boot and blasts HHH with it. The tag team leaves DX laid out in the ring.

- Mickie James defeats Gail Kim.

- MVP defeats Jack Swagger via DQ.

- Hornswoggle defeats Chavo Guerrer in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

It's announced that next week's host will be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

- Freddie Prinze makes the main event a Lumberjack match. Eventually, Cena gets a hot tag and hits the Attitude Adjustment on Jericho for the victory.

Afterwards, Orton hits Cena with a RKO. He leaves the ring, all the Lumberjacks enter it and there's chaos. But the show ends with Cena standing tall.

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