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Friday Night Smackdown taped its matches at Madison Square Garden this week.

A Fatal Four Way matrch featuring Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Kane is announced for tonight. The winner will become the number-one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.

The show then opens with a showdown on the mic between Edge and various competitors. The crowd pops big time when the champion makes fun of Jericho.

CM Punk also comes out, as CM Punk vs. Edge is announced for the evening. CM Punk says if he defeats Edge, he’ll cash in his briefcase.

- John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin. Morrison got th victory with the Moonlight Drive after a springboard dropkick.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Kane in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match to become the #1 Condender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy pinnned Mysterio by reversing a leg drop into a hurricanrana pin.

Cryme Tyme came out to a big pop. They discuss their first night on SmackDown, welcoming Layla and Eve to the ring for a dance-off. Eve easily wins, as the ladies proceed to fight.

- MVP defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the United States Championship. MVP is accompanied to the ring by Sherri of The View. Seriously.

- CM Punk defeated Edge in a non-title match.
CM Punk cashes in the Money in the Bank, but Umaga attacks him. Edge is about to pin Punk, but Jeff Hardy interfere. Punk leaves the ring with the briefcase.

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