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There's a fight happening by the Homestead shed and Wayhaught is caught in the middle of it. They get into the shed and are looking for something. Jeremy is in there. Waverly remembers how to get Wynonna back, then the shed blows up.

Doc is screaming from the well when his phone rings. He gets saved by one of the revenants he was playing cards with last episode. Stevie takes Doc to the Homestead which is now Holliday Haus and a haven for revenants. He's the boss. He goes to the shed and finds Rosita shackled. She doesn't know who Wynonna is and he explains it to her. 

Dolls has Mercedes locked up and is torturing her for answers as to why she's in Purgatory. Doc show up in the office and Dolls pulls a gun on him. Doc is armed with TNT to get him to talk. Nicole hits him on the back of the head and he's out.

Nicole is working in the office. Nedley is dead. Waverly comes in and gives Nicole lunch. They flirt. 

Doc is locked up with Mercedes and she goes on about Sheriff Clootie.

Waverly has been married three times and is now engaged to Perry! Perry has investigated who killed her father and he found someone who turns out to be Bobo! He's locked up in an insane asylum. He doesn't understand what's going on. He talks about Wynonna and Waverly doesn't know who she's talking about. Bobo tells her Wynonna is her sister, then Bobo realizes there is a veil causing all this to happen. He tells her to find Wynonna.

Beth is trying to raise Sheriff Clootie, but the ring won't break. Then she realizes she needs Mercedes to help break the ring. 

Waverly is looking through old pictures for information about the Earp curse. She finds a wedding dress and a picture of Wynonna.

Beth breaks into the police station and saves Mercedes. Jeremy tries to take control of the situation but fails. The witches escape and Doc convinces Jeremy that there's something wrong with the timeline. He gives Jeremy his hat and he's on board and goes with Doc.

Waverly has a wedding dress on when she hears a noise upstairs in the bar. It's Doc. He tries to convince Waverly about Wynonna when Dolls shows up. There's a standoff between them then they start shooting at each other. Doc shoots Dolls almost dead and gets shot by Dolls as he is talking to Dolls.  As Doc lays there dying, he tells Waverly about the trophy and how to save them all. Then he dies. When she looks back, Dolls is gone.

Nicole picks up Waverly who is very upset. She's upset about Doc. They talk about the Iron Witch and Nicole knows who it might be and takes her there.

Jeremy finds Dolls in a field. He's dying and before he does he calls out Wynonna.

Waverly is with Greta, the Iron Witch, talking about the spell. She says she wanted to change the past to bring her sister back, but it didn't work. She tells Waverly and Nicole how to break the spell. They have to get the trophy. Greta performs a quick reversal spell so Waverly can see the truth. It only lasts for a short time. She realizes she loves Nicole. The trophy is at the Homestead.

Waverly goes back to talk to Bobo to figure out how to get into the Homestead to get the trophy. She unties Bobo and takes him with her to get the trophy. 

Rosita and Jeremy meet and he tells her that Doc and Dolls are dead. They talk about Black Badge and what Holliday said about the fabric of time. Rosita is working for Black Badge. He tests Rosita on her memory and she can't. 

Mercedes and Beth are performing the ritual to raise Sheriff Clootie, but it still doesn't work. They think that Clootie has been moved. 

Bob is trying to figure things out. He tells her to dig up the hamster in the little pet cemetery they are at when he sees the witches coming down the hill. Bobo goes to the homestead. All the revenants are excited to see him. 

Waverly and Nicole stop digging and head toward the barn where the trophy is. They fight against revenants who are fighting each other, but get into the barn.

Jeremy and Rosita are in there. Waverly gets a phone call from Perry and she gets him off the phone. All four of them look for the trophy as the revenants fight each other. Then, the witches how up and confront Bobo.

Rosita knows where the trophy is and goes out to into the fight, but Waverly finds the real trophy. They come up with a plan to break the trophy to break the spell. Before they blow up the barn they kiss. After they blow it up they are back and then go to find Wynonna.

The witches are on top of Bobo looking for answers. He doesn't understand why he's still alive. He tells them he knows where Clootie's coffin. They don't trust him then he breaks the final seal for them. Clootie is free.

In a field somewhere Wynonna wakes up and sees Bobo and friends walking. She starts after them and finds the third seal broken. Then she starts getting contractions as there's a roar in the distance.




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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Are you going to make a demand, because if you're going to make it, make it now before I shoot that compensating mustache off of your face.


For God's sake, somebody put a lid on that thing.