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Mercedes is beating up Nicole when Waverly shows up with her sticks and fights Mercedes. Nicole tries to save Waverly and gets bitten by Mercedes. Waverly gets the gun to shoot Mercedes, but she's gone. Niclole passes out.

Wynonna is at the hospital with Nedley. She's visiting the real Mercedes who's in the hospital. Dolls shows up then leaves to look for licorice. Wynonna is talking to Mercedes when she hears Waverly screaming and goes to investigate. Waverly tells Wynonna and Dolls everything including the fact that Rosita is a revenant. Wynonna tells Waverly she knows where the seal is and won't tell her.

Waverly goes outside and runs into Beth who tells Waverly she's the only one who can help Nicole. Beth demands Waverly help her find the final seal or Nicole will die by the venom. Wynonna is in the room with Nicole. Nicole tells Wynonna to let her die if things get really bad. Waverly gets in there and Wynonna leaves. Wayhaught makes up. 

The team, including Jeremy, gather information about toxins from widow spiders. 

Doc is playing cards at the bar and Wynonna shows up so he can help her find a test subject.

Beth find Waverly and shows her the antidote for the venom. Beth leaves and Waverly goes after but Nedley gets in the way and tells her that he didn't call the next of kin. Waverly goes into Nicoles room and there's a woman there who turns out to be Nicole's wife.

Dolls meets with the bird guys and they give him the case.

The wife comes in to the room while Waverly is talking to Nicole who is still sleeping. Waverly and the wife talk. The wife is a doctor and helps.

Wynonna is at the bar and confronts Rosita and wants her to be the test subject. She tells her when she kills revenants she'll kill Rosita last.

Dolls shows up at the hospital to check in on Nicole and asks about the wife. Waverly lies.

Rosita shows up at Jeremy's lab.

At  Nicole's place, Wynonna confronts Doc about Rosita. So everyone knew about it except for Wynonna and Waverly. They find some blood and then figure out that Mercedes has kidnapped Nedley.

Mercedes has Nedley tied up thinking he knows where the seal is. 

At the lab, Jeremy is working with Rosita when Waverly and Dolls show up. Waverly doesn't want Rosita to be the test subject. She tells them about Beth wanting the seal in exchange for the antidote. Dolls thinks they should give Beth the third seal. Dolls decides to be the test subject. Waverly leaves to see Nicole.

Mercedes goes crazy on Nedley. When Nedley doesn't cooperate, she cuts off one of his fingers.

Waverly check in on Nicole and talks with the wife. The wife knows about Waverly. Waverly approaches Greta, the iron which to try to get help. Greta says she can help. The iron witch performs a ritual and gives Waverly the information that leads her to Doc's ring that Wynonna hid in a Nedley's cup.

Wynonna and Doc follow the trail of blood that takes them to the warehouse barn where Nedley is. 

Doc and Wynonna show up in a truck and beat on Mercedes before Wynonna shoots Mercedes in the legs. Nedley knew about the ring and tells Wynonna where she hid it.

They bring Mercedes into the lab to get the cure. Wynonna goes to the hospital but Nicole is already up. Wynonna knows something is up. 

Beth has the ring.

Waverly is at the bar when Greta shows up. Wynonna is not happy and goes into the station and learns that Dolls knew about the seal.

Doc shows up at the bar and sees Greta wants the trophy. Doc disappears. Doc is back in the well. Waverly doesn't remember anything.



Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Widow Mercedes: Where is the seal?
Nedley: Did you try up your ass?

Every step is an adventure in discomfort. Miracle of life my ass.