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A man is dragged into what looks like a Satanic type ceremony, but the guy is actually a demon. They chop off his head.

Wynonna is awfully happy. She's making something weird with a rat and has Waverly tied up. Waverly tries to pull Wynonna out, but the demon possessing Wynonna has full control.

Wynonna is fighting the demon, but it doesn't last long. At least she didn't slice up Waverly.

Doc shows Wynonna his new car. Doc has a new hat. Inside Waverly is trying to get Doc's attention to no avail. Wynonna and Doc leave and head to the police station. They have the plate and ask Jeremy to analyze it to see why so many people want the plate and why the Black Badge had it. The plate has an etching on it. Wynonna is acting weird, but no one is noticing. Jeremy wants to take the plate to headquarters.

Dolls shows up at the house and points a gun at her. He still thinks she's a demon. She explains what happened and then he quizzes her and she answers everything right, but he's still not convinced. He doesn't untie her, but he does believe the demon has transferred to Wynonna.

At the station, Wynonna talks with Nicole. She makes stuff up about Waverly and how she feels about Nicole. Nicole chalks it up to drinking and leaves. Wynonna is still fighting the demon. She stabs herself with a pen and then heals herself.

Waverly and Dolls are still talking about demon and her locking him up. He's about to untie Waverly when Lucado shows up. Uh oh.

Wynonna and Doc are at breakfast. She's being very flirty. He's amused.

Lucado wants the briefcase. They fight and there's nothing Waverly can do but try to get out of her restraints which she does. Lucado and Dolls are tearing up the house. Waverly shoots off her rifle and tells them they have to fight to get Wynonna back.

Meanwhile, Doc and Wynonna head over to the fire station where the symbol on the plate is in the front. They enter the firehouse and a guy asks if they want a tour. Wynonna gets even weirder and pulls a knife on the guy. Doc takes her out and shoves her in the trunk. He knows it's not Wynonna. In the fire station, the guy mentions Juan Carlo.

Wynonna is fighting off Dolls and Doc. Waverly is there too.They're at the police station with Lucado trying to come up with a plan to save Wynonna.

Back at the fire station, the guy from earlier is talking about Wynonna to Juan Carlo. The guy is also the head guy from the beginning of the episode. The Order is what those guys were. They are planning to kill Wynonna.

Wynonna is locked in a cell. Dolls tries talking to the demon but Goononna is being even snarkier than before. She's Wynonna on steroids. She's trying to flirt with Dolls. he's going to cut off her pinky finger, places it in a bag and leaves. The demon regrows the finger.

Juan Carlo shows up at the place where the goo was and where Waverly and Doc are at now. He tells them that Wynonna is in danger and to give The Order what they want. Then he disappears.

Back at the station, Dolls discovers that Lucado is possessed. She's not handling it very well and her brain explodes. Lucado is dead.

Doc and Waverly come upon the gross scene. Waverly wants to know how they got the goo. Waverly visits Wynonna and tries to get through to her. And Waverly puts the peacemaker against Wynonna's face and the demon transfers back to Waverly.

Waverly is at the homestead. The Order is there watching. The head guy knows the demon is in Waverly. They approach the shed and start spreading gasoline around. Wynonna and friends show up and they have a standoff while Waverly tells Nicole that Wynonna is possessed and hurt her. She pulls out her gun, prepared to protect Waverly at any cost.

Wynonna proves to The Order that she's not possessed. Doc grabs the plate to convince The Order to let them through. He agrees to let Wynonna through and gives her 15 minutes to get the demon. Nicole points a gun at her believing that Wynonna is possessed. Nicole figures out the truth and Waverly knocks her out. Waverly tries to fight the demon to drink the holy water. Wynonna knocks her down and forces the holy water down her throat. The demon comes out and is lke a snake thing and Wynonna shoots it with the peacemaker and to hell it goes.

The Order leaves with the plate. Nicole wakes up and kisses Waverly telling her how much she loves her and how she'll do anything for her. They carry her out.

Dolls finds Jeremy at the station and tells him that Lucado is dead. Jeremy tells Dolls that all of Black Badge is gone.

Wynonna visits the fire station to talk with they guy about the Ghost River Triangle. He suggests they become allies but Wynonna says she has enough friends. She wants the guy to take care of the briefcase. 

Back at the homestead, Waverly is upset and tells Wynonna that the demon told her lots of secrets about her and gives her a bag. Wynonna is in the bathroom. She's pregnant.





Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Pitter patter. Can't let the trail go cold.


Wynonna: You could show the teensiest bit of excitement.
Waverly: We're not really smoothie people.