Beginnings Of a Curse - Wynonna Earp
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Waverly walks with Wynonna and talks about falling through the ice. Wynonna tells her she remembers when she came home from the hospital. Waverly is still worried about being an Earp. She tells Wynonna that she pulled her out of the ice.

The widow sisters attack Juan Carlo looking for the third seal.

Doc explains his relationship with Wynonna. He and Rosita are a thing.

Wynonna is at her doctor's appointment. She talks to the doctor about adoption. Wynonna freaks out at the ultrasound. The doctor gives Dolls a confidential file "in case she changes her mind."

Dolls runs to the police station to get the sheriff to track Wynonna's truck because she was kidnapped. Dolls learns it was Juan Carlo.

Rosita suggests to Wayhaught to have a baby shower for Wynonna. It's theme is "Girls Nothing Special Nacho Night."

Dolls pulls in a guy who knows about Juan Carlo and why Wynonna was kidnapped. Wynonna calls Dolls but Carlo wakes up. Dolls figures out she's at a church.

The guy tells Dolls about an abandoned church.

Wynonna pulls the peacemaker on Juan Carlo and he tells her to go into the church with the gun and Wyatt's badge. Carlo is acting strangely.  He's claiming the ritual he wants her to do will show her how to stop the curse. But he's not really Juan Carlo anymore. Pretty sure it's the Widow sisters.

Wynonna goes into the church and performs the ritual. She leaves the church without the gun and goes to Shorty's to talk to Doc but he ignores her. She realizes she's in some sort of trance and is back in time to Wyatt Earp's day.

She's on a vision quest and can't talk to anyone. They all can't see her, but then Bobo comes into the bar to talk to Doc. Bobo tells Doc that Wyatt sent a letter and is upset. Doc denies it and verbally attacks Bobo.  He tells him that Wyatt wants Doc to ride with him to Purgatory. Doc isn't interested and Bobo leaves. Then there are gunshots outside.

What Wynonna is seeing is where the curse began. She goes back into the church and Bobo is there with a widow sister. Juan Carlo shows up and punches the widow sister.

Waverly gang decorate Shorty's. Wayhaught talks about Rosita and her being so nice all of a sudden. The girls have a drink while waiting for Wynonna.

Dolls arrives at the church and takes Dolls gun from him. He explains where Wynonna is and warns her not to wake her from the vision quest. Carlo tells him "She needs to see the past if we have any hope for the future."

Dolls runs into the church anyway and sees Wynonna sleeping. 

Back in the old west, the widow sister is put in a box...the same box from Black Badge Unit. Juan Carlo tells Dolls he was granted immortality like Doc. Juan Carlo has gangrene and will die soon. The widow sister shows up looking for the third seal. Dolls tries to fight both of them off.

The witch notices Bobo is shot and Bobo talks about Wyatt's relationship with Doc. She tells him about Clootie's curse and how Bobo is going to end up being a demon and will go to hell. She'll help him if he brings her the bones of her sons. He agrees.

Dolls is fighting off the sisters and losing.

Back at Shorty's the girls are drinking and having fun. Waverly finds her DNA test in Nicole's purse. She's not happy. She doesn't think she's an Earp based on the look on Nicole's face.

The witch tells Bobo that she pushed Doc in the pit to punish Wyatt for killing her sons. Bobo wants Doc to give up his ring and he'll get him out of the well. This is the only way he can save himself from becoming a demon. Doc doesn't seem interested in helping and Bobo goes away.

Dolls finds the widow sisters feasting on Juan Carlo and kills him in mercy.  He goes into the church to save Wynonna from them. Dolls still has the ice burn on him and passes out next to Wynonna.

The sisters set the church on fire. 

Bobo is dying and can see Wynonna. He thinks she's his guardian angel. She tells him he's going to be a demon because he didn't save Doc from the well. She finds the gun and is going to shoot him. She's coughing because of the fire at the church. He promises he'll never hurt her no matter what. She tells him her name is Waverly. Wynonna dies in the Old West. Bobo rings the bell for help which transforms into the present day.

Dolls is trying to revive Wynonna in the church. Wynonna knows it was Robert.

Waverly is looking at her DNA results and she knows it was Bobo who saved her from the lake.

Wynonna and Dolls are in bed. She tells him that the third seal is Doc's ring. She also tells him about Bobo and Clootie.

Dolls tells her she was dead for a few seconds. Bobo rises from the dead.



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