Spider Creatures - Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna and Doc are taking a shower together and they are interrupted by Lucado.

A construction worker is in a Port-a-Potty and gets attacked by something.

Waverly visits Nicole at work. Nicole isn't being very friendly. Waverly apologizes but Nicole won't hear any of it and leaves.

Waverly takes the desk bell and heads to meeting with Lucado and the rest of the team.

Wynonna visits the worksite where workers have been disappearing. She runs into an old friend and asks if she can look around the building. Inside she finds one of the workers is a Revenant. Wynonna has a flashback and the guy gets away then finds a huge spider egg. She brings it into the office to analyze.

The room gets immediately cold and she thinks Willa is there. Instead, it's Waverly.

Doc is looking to buy Shorty's. Nedley wants him to buy it.

Waverly is dissecting the egg while Wynonna contemplates Doc not helping the case.

A huge spider comes out of the egg and they trap it in a garbage can that Waverly sits on to keep it contained. Wynonna kills it with the Peacemaker.

Doc visits a woman and gets a call from Wynonna. Jeremy is at the homestead analyzing the spider egg.

Waverly is reading Willa's diary to Nicole.

Wynonna tells Waverly she thinks Willa is haunting her because she keeps smelling the perfume.

Jeremy is cutting open the spider under Doc's supervision. He flirts with Doc making it clear he's interested or that he's a huge fanboy.

Wynonna's friend is in her building when the black figure stars floating about. She runs.

Wynonna is feeling bad about Dolls and she talks to Doc about it. She wants to kiss Doc, but he turns away. They fight and he leaves.

Jeremy comes out with information about the spider Wynonna shot when she gets a phone call from her friend about the spiders. Wynonna arrives and saves her friend.

The friend and Waverly leave while Wynonna goes hunting. She finds Earl, but he's locked in. They fight. She knocks him out.

Doc is at his bar when Lucado visits him about some documents that were stolen from her safe. She threatens him but he deflects it. He makes a deal with her to give her back the documents for cash so he can buy Shorty's.

Waverly and Wynonna come across the momma spider's nest and destroy the eggs. As they leave two goo-ey black thingys watch.

Back at the station, Jeremy tells Waverly and Wynonna more about the spiders.

The lady Doc visited earlier comes into Shorty's and tells him she'll make it work.

Waverly and Wynonna visit Earl's lair and find him dead.

Waverly is redoing Willa's room and Nicole brings her some information like birth records and the like. They start making out and go to bed.

Wynonna is at Shorty's talking about Lucado. Doc tells her not to trust the woman. Wynonna wants to talk but Doc kicks her out after getting a text. He goes down to the basement where he talks to the girl.

Wynonna comes in and Waverly asks her if she really thinks she's seeing a ghost. Poor Wynonna starts crying. She's very upset. Wynonna leaves and Waverly goes to a spider speciman and starts eating it.











Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You are the Earp-iest Earp of them all.

Nicole [to Waverly]

This may be a shit show, but it's our shit show.