It's Wynonna
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Waverly and Doc run from an ugly monster until Wynonna shows up and shoots him back to hell.  Wynonna says they're going to use the monster to rescue Dolls.

In an unidentified location Dolls is on the phone talking to someone who calls off the missile strike on Purgatory, but Lucado orders him to Black Hawk prison.

Wynonna shows up at the police station and finds out that Dolls' office has been cleaned out by Black Badge. Nedly says Dolls was too smart to keep anything important on site so Wynonna goes searching for Dolls' motel room. Turns out Dolls was keeping company with a woman named Eliza. 

Waverly is patching up Haught when they start kissing. Haught says that Waverly tastes different. Doc interrupts the goings on and Haught leaves and Doc asks how Waverly is doing. She tells him she feels stronger.

Back at the hotel, Wynonna is trying to impress Eliza. She tells Eliza that Dolls has been taken to Black Badge prison. Eliza tells her that Dolls told her to burn his files if he doesn't come back after 24 hours. She agrees to help Wynonna find Dolls.

Back at the Black Badge prison Dolls is suffering in a cage. He's turning into the monster.

At the Homestead, the gang, including Nicole, talks about their next steps to spring Dolls. Wynonna wants Haught and Waverly to find out what the Revenants are doing now that Bobo are gone. Waverly talks to Wynonna in private. She wants Wynonna to get some rest. 

Eliza, Doc, and Wynonna open Dolls' safe. Dolls' medicine is gone and Doc tells Wynonna that Dolls isn't' a man at all. 

Wynonna and Waverly are at the Black Badge headquarters where they go undercover and get into the building after being searched. Eliza meets them there.

Wayhaught are getting ready to go to the trailer park. Waverly turns dark and chops the head off the monster (though it looked like she was going to attack Nicole). Nicole is worried about Waverly. 

Eliza tries to get into an office but her ID isn't working. They're trapped. Luckily for them, Wynonna had a Plan B. Plan B shows up in the form of Waverly who pretends she's from Scotland Yard. She has the monster head with her.  Nicole is in the getaway car.

Lucado is talking to Dolls who tells him he left her husband to die in Afghanistan. Lucado knows that the three tried to break into Black Badge.

Waverly is investigating in a lab where there are monster experiments. Wynonna is a little jealous of Eliza and Eliza knows. She tells Doc and Wynonna that something was done to her and Dolls. She flashes her yellow eyes.

Waverly tries to knock the lab guy out after learning how to override the security system and doesn't do a good job. She just makes him bleed which sets one of the monsters loose. Then she spills the beans and the lab guy decides to help her and Wynonna out.

Doc separates himself from Eliza and Wynonna to go after Dolls himself and let them go after and help Waverly. He finds Dolls and Lucado. Lucado pulls a gun, but Doc one ups her with a jacket full of dynamite.

Meanwhile, Eliza and Wynonna are fighting their way through Black Badge to find Waverly.

Dolls gets an advantage over Lucado when she gets near the cage and knocks her. Doc frees him from his cage and off they go.

Waverly and lab guy face the monster. Waverly turns into whatever she is and calms the beast down. Wynonna finds them and pulls the Peacemaker out of the monster head from Waverly's bag and sends the monster back.

Doc gives Dolls a dose of the medicine. He takes it and whispers something in Doc's ears before leaving. He tells Doc to tell 'her." Lucado comes up Wynonna, Eliza and Waverly and the lab guy and pulls a gun on them. Then a guy shows up and makes her stand down. The man brings in Doc, tells Wynonna to continue doing what she's doing to get rid of the Revenants and monsters, then kills Eliza to make a point. Wynonna and the others to sign a blood pact.

The guy tells her he can help her break the Earp Curse. He wants to know if they told anyone else about Black Badge but they don't say anything about Nicole.

The trio is in the parking lot looking for Nicole and return to the Homestead. Waverly tells Nicole everything. She's a bit upset that Waverly lied. Waverly goes to kiss Nicole but Nicole turns her head. There's trouble in Wayhaught land.

Wynonna goes into Willa's bedroom and finally breaks down.  There's a light shining in her face and she goes outside to investigate. Her necklace is on a tree branch. It was put there by Dolls. They look at each other a moment before he takes off.

Wynonna returns to the Homestead and tells Waverly they need to find all the Revenants and monsters and kill them all. Before they leave to break the curse as Wynonna has her back to Waverly, Waverly flashes her black eyes.

Back at Black Badge a weird looking hand comes out of a crate and grabs dynamite left behind by Wynonna and friends and blows up its box.



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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Black Badge is so far off the government grid, they're sub-Atlantis.


What's worse than dead?