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Doc and Dolls meet with a Black Badge guy in an alley. He tells them that BBD has cut everyone loose in Ghost River Triangle, including Wynonna and team because they don't want to spend money on a "war they can't win." The guy gives them a binder with information about Tyler's sister's ghosts.

One of the ghosts is in a church looking for something and kills a priest when he can't tell her. She eats him alive.

Wynonna and Waverly talk about the pregnancy. Wynonna says she can't deal with it with everything going on. Waverly and Wynnona are at the station talking to Nicole when a nun comes in and tells them about the dead priest.

The ghosts sisters talk about where to find the seals. They send Tyler to a Clock Maker. 

The team talks about the seals. Doc and Dolls make subconscious moves on Wynonna. Dolls asks Wynonna to have coffee with him. Waverly tells Wynonna she needs to announce her pregnancy. Wayhaught are in Waverly's bedroom making out.

Wynonna meets Dolls for coffee in a diner when Mercedes shows up and sits down. She leaves, Wynonna passes out by the bathroom. Everyone in the diner is passed out. When she wakes up, her baby bump is HUGE! She wakes Dolls up. He's loopy and she tells him she thinks they've been asleep for a long time. The whole town looks like it was affected.

Wynonna runs home to Waverly to wake her up. Dolls wakes up Nicole. No one notices Wynonna's pregnancy? C'mon. Nicole walks in when Wynonna is looking at her enlarged belly. Now all three women know.

The sleep is from the clock maker. Mercedes wants more time otherwise they'll kill the Clock Maker's girl. They know that Wynonna is awake. Wynonna tells Waverly that someone needs to wake up Doc. One of the ghosts visits Wynonna to find the second seal and she realizes there are two ghosts.

Wynonna gets knocked out and the ghost finds the second seal. Waverly wakes up Doc after finding him with another woman in bed. They find Jeremy in the basement of the bar and wake him up. 

The second seal is under Shorty's.  Dolls come in to save Wynonna but he's too late. She's sitting there with her jacket open and he realizes she's pregnant. 

Wynonna, Dolls and Nicole enter the Clock Maker's den. They want him to reverse the curse or she'll shoot him. he says he can't. He says he'll work with them if they rescue his daughter. It's not his girlfriend. Lucky for Tyler.

Waverly gets a warning call from Wynonna about the widows who are coming for the seal. Guns aren't working on the widows. The widows spread sleep dust on the trio and they fall asleep. Wynonna wakes up Nicole and sends her after Tyler. She sends Dolls with Nicole but not before they kiss longer than they should. Wynonna basically tells Dolls the baby is his.

Jeremy wakes up and tries to save the day, but makes a noise and the widows give him his sleep dust and he really passes out this time. 

Tyler is crazy. He sees Clock Maker's daughter as Waverly. Dolls and Nicole breach. Nicole shoots Tyler and he jumps out the window. Wynonna gets to Shorty's but the widows break the seal. She wakes up Doc and tells him the news via showing him her belly.  he doesn't know what to say and says nothing.

Not a lot of time has passed. Dolls shoots the Clock Maker and makes Wynonna send Clock Maker back to hell. 

Wynonna talks with Waverly about being pregnant and how the universe has never given her a choice. She tells Waverly she's been on two forms of birth control since she was 13.

Wavlery gives Wynonna the note from Doc and she breaks down.


Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm going to need a bigger coat.


What's wrong? A silver spoon stuck in your ass again?

Wynonna [to Mercedes]