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Wynonna is drunk and in the woods looking for Bulshar with Haught and Waverly. She runs into a revenant and doesn't kill it.

Doc meets with the Contessa, and the Contessa expresses her condolences. She wants Doc to say her name.

Waverly discovers that Ward didn't save her a spot in the family plot. Wynonna is in mourning and goes shooting.

Doc comforts Wynonna, says they need to do right by Dolls. 

Waverly is giggling. they decide to have a wake.

Someone broke into Shorty's and stole Dolls's medicine. Doc finds finds a man who claims to be Dolls's friend. 

Haught tells Waverly that the demon Dolls killed had attacked her as a child. Haught blames herself. 

Jeremy knew Dolls was going to die, and so did Dolls. Haught and Waverly find an envelope addressed to Wynonna. Wynonna feels betrayed by Jeremy, tells him to leave. 

Quinn says Dolls's body couldn't take it anymore. He needed Black Badge serum, which no one has anymore. 

Revenants inject the serum they stole and go crazy. Quinn wasn't experimented on. 

Waverly realizes fate may be guiding all of them. Contessa steals Waverly's purse, which has Dolls's letter to Wynonna. Wynonna doesn't know what to do with his body. 

Waverly asks Doc for help finding the purse. Quinn says Black Badge may come for Dolls's body. Revenants arrive at Shorty's. 

Wynonna is cold to Jeremy. Cataline/Contessa is Doc's wife. Waverly gets the letter back. 

Quinn is torturing Jeremy for the drugs. Quinn brought Dolls back to Black Badge, he feels guilty. 

Wynonna asks Quinn to destroy the Black Badge contracts. They cremate Dolls and bury him. 

Wynonna says she and Waverly will be buried together on the homestead. There are pictures of the team in Dolls's folder. Contessa and Doc sleep together. 

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You shot him right in the dick. That's so sweet.


Wynonna: Not the prick I was looking for, but a prick nonetheless.
Revenant: That's what my first wife said.