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Nicole and Waverly campaign for Nicole to be the next sheriff, while Wynonna keeps hooking up with Charlie. Nedley asks Wynonna and Nicole to help him clean out a closet full of supernatural objects, but Wynonna thinks it's just Nedley's attempt at getting them to work together, so she trashes the closet. 

Nicole meets with Bunny Loblaw, a very conservative, homophobic, and racist councilwoman who holds a lot of power in Purgatory. Wynonna comes by Nicole's house during the meeting, and Bunny refuses to support Nicole as sheriff. Bunny has a heart attack and Nicole and Wynonna try to get her to the hospital, but a group of college guys from the big city steals Nicole's cop car.

Wynonna and Nicole ask Waverly and Jeremy to track Nicole's car, which they follow to a roadhouse bar filled with revenants. Wynonna and Nicole try to get the keys inside and face off with the revenants in a drinking contest. Nicole gets drunk but Wynonna cheats, leading them to barely escape the bar into the woods.

The revenants almost catch them, but a large mountain man-like creature saves them but chases after them instead, demanding a new wife. They are chased all the way to the BBD offices, where Waverly and Jeremy are piecing together bits of the broken closet artifacts. They realize that the mountain man is actually a gnome, and they piece together his broken wife just in time, so he leaves.

Meanwhile, Michelle uses Doc as a driver in order to get to the Ghost River Triangle border as she wants to look for Julian. She discovers that he's become a vampire and informs Wynonna via letter. She leaves.

Waverly is sad about Michelle leaving, and Wynonna tearfully rejects Doc, no longer allowing him to come to the homestead. Doc gives Wynonna Bulshar's ring and leaves.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Waverly: Also… when was the last time you went home? Or ate?
Jeremy: Oh, that depends. What day is it?
Waverly: We’re gonna need to get you a falafel.

Nedley: We confiscated their party bus this morning.
Nicole: Who party buses at 10 am?
Wynonna: The deeply committed.