Who Can You Trust? - Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna has tied up Michelle in the barn, but Michelle tries to convince Wynonna that there is a demon stalking Waverly ever since she was a baby. Michelle reveals that when the barn burnt down, she was trying to get rid of the demon, and this instead bound the demon to her. It has tortured her for the entire time while in prison, but when Waverly touched her back at the Ghost River Institute, it unleashed the demon again. When she was found in the barn in the last episode, she was trying to summon and kill the demon again.

Meanwhile, Jolene continues to give people food and make people fall under her spell. Michelle eventually convinces Waverly to let her go, and Wynonna and Doc are convinced to listen to her. While Jolene is around, they listen to her, but otherwise, they act relatively rationally.

Jolene finally gets Michelle and Nicole to eat her food, making them fall under her spell. Michelle still wants to summon and bind the demon to her, which she wants to do at the Gibson greenhouse. She doesn't realize that Jolene is the demon. Michelle also reveals that Waverly's real father is named Julian, a better man than Wyatt.

Jolene reveals that she can't physically harm Waverly, even though she wants Waverly dead. At the greenhouse, Wynonna kills the revenant that she beheaded, thinking that it was the demon, which Michelle believes too. Wynonna, Waverly, and Michelle rejoice.

Everyone goes to Shorty's, and Jolene starts screwing with everyone. She lets slip that Doc is married to Kate and also flirts with Nicole, getting Waverly angry. She starts a bar fight and Wynonna and Michelle begin to throw punches. Nichole is angry at Waverly for not telling her about Michelle or about the Earp plans. Jolene watches along with glee.

Doc visits Bobo in order to get help about Bulshar, and Bobo lets slip that Bulshar wants his ring. Bobo asks that he is visited by Waverly. Nicole puts Wynonna and Michelle in jail in order to get them to sober up, but this allows them to release themselves from Jolene's spell, and they figure out Jolene is the demon.

Jolene corners Nicole and she discovers Bulshar's ring in Waverly's room, which burns Jolene. Jolene tries to seduce Nicole but instead locks her in the closet.

Jolene then tries to convince Waverly to kill herself, stating that Waverly is the demon. Tearfully, Waverly is about to, but she says that Nicole, Wynonna, and the others love her, throwing away the knife and trying to hit Jolene with a shovel. Wynonna runs in and shoots her in the stomach, and outside, Michelle sets a trap. Jolene is ensnared and the forest drags her away.

Doc gets Bulshar's ring and says that he swears to help the Earps and never give up the ring. Wynonna goes to tell Bobo that Waverly is not coming, but Bobo says that Julian, Waverly's father, is a real-life angel.



Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

A demon has been stalking your sister ever since she was a baby!


Wynonna: Waverly's shtupping a cop!
Waverly: Her name's Nicole!