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From the previous episode, Waverly and Nicole continue to try and remove Bulshar's ring from Waverly's hand, to no avail. At the same time, Wynonna and Doc are in the barn, having previously been confronted by Bulshar.

It appears that Doc and Wynonna have settled their differences in the barn, but Bulshar then appears.

Wynonna and Doc are captured by Bulshar and must go through a series of torturous scenarios. Again and again, they go through different scenarios in order to try and escape the game.

Wynonna finds Bobo and they face off, but this also gets them nowhere. Wynonna must keep Peacekeeper safe in order to avoid Bulshar getting to it.

Nicole and Waverly then go to the jeweler's in an attempt to get the ring off, but this also doesn't work. Nicole is called on duty at Kate's home. Waverly and Nicole arrive to see Mercedes, whose face was previously burnt off.

However, she is recovering and trying to get back into her life, which includes reclaiming her home. Suddenly, the jeweler enters and the team realizes that he is actually a demon who wants the ring. Waverly uses the ring to burn the jeweler's face.

They decide to cut the ring off of Waverly's finger, but Mercedes stops her by putting an oven mitt on her hand. Jeremy calls Waverly to inform her of a strange appearance in the woods. They arrive to discover Bobo inside, entranced.

After saving him, he alerts the team that Wynonna and Doc are still trapped in Bulshar's mind games. 

Bulshar boasts about having defeated Wynonna, and as she tries to shoot him with Peacemaker, he shatters. She believes she's now won. Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy run through the forest to find her and eventually do.

Mercedes later discovers that her face is healed, presumably by Bulshar's ring.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Wynonna: The floor is melting, Doc! I'm out!
Doc: Wynonna, do not do anything foolish!

Jeweler: How did you say you came upon this ring?
Nicole: Uh, it's been in my family for generations. Yeah. It came right over on the boat, smuggled right up Granny Haught's petticoats.