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Wynonna is captured by Black Badge agents, and Jeremy fills up her to speed on what's been happening since BBD reformed.

She is tasked with delivering food, medicine, and alcohol to Purgatory.

The supply truck is robbed by Doc, who is working for the demon owner of the Glory Hole to "procur" the alcohol.

During the "robbery," Wynonna handcuffs herself to the crates.

Doc leaves to go get her tools, and Wynonna is attacked by a demon, which only she can see.

Wynonna and Doc try to fight it, but it can't be killed with their guns.

Elsewhere, Waverly, Nicole, and Rachel go check out a junkyard to look for Peacemaker.

Rachel's friend Billy lives at the ranch, but he is very upset when she visits.

Billy's mother Margo tells Jeremy to make it right or she'll send the reaper after Rachel.

Jeremy goes to break things off with Rachel, and when he does, he sees her pull a rock out of Wynonna's jacket.

Thinking Margo sent the reaper after Rachel, and not Wynonna, he calls the reaper off by extracting his tooth.

Back at the Homestead, the team plans their next move, which involves Wynonna springing Jeremy from BBD border patrol duty.

Margo punishes Billy, and it's revealed Margo, Billy, Cleo, and Holt are Clantons and descendents of enemies of Wyatt Earp.

Nicole goes to see Margo to return something, and Margo unleashes bugs that fly into Nicole's mouth.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Nicole: We could just start.
Waverly: But my PowerPoint.
Nicole: They’re always iconic.
Waverly: I do put a lot of thought into my wipes.
Nicole: I love your wipes.

Wynonna: Jeremy. What happened to your gorgeous little chicken limbs?
Jeremy: And a fun hi, former colleagues. Naomi, so sorry, I know her. This is the Wynonna Arp.
Wynonna: Why does everyone keep saying it like that?
Jeremy: Employee of the month June 2016.
Wynonna: It was February, actually.
Naomi: It’s the shortest month.
Jeremy: Don’t worry. Wynonna hates demons, like we all do.
Wynonna: Hell yeah, brother. I despise them dems.
Jeremy: But she’s never killed one, of course.
Wynonna: No, nope, because they are a lot.
Naomi: But you are familiar with the supernatural?
Wynonna: I feel like I can handle it.