Wynonna save - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 11
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Wynonna pleads with Dark Angel Waverly, who ends up taking Wynonna's eye sight.

She wanders around the forest blind and is rescued by Billy, who Cleo, with the help of Rachel, unreaped.

When Wynonna's vision returns, she wants to go after Dark Angel Waverly, but Billy convinces her to rescue Rachel, who has been taken hostage by Cleo.

Upon arrival at the Clanton ranch, Cleo reveals her plan to make Wynonna the next Clanton heir.

Elsewhere, Doc, Jeremy, and the other demons try to figure out a way to escape from the Black Badge black site.

Doc turns a dying Mercedes into a vampire, and together they all escape, helped along by Nicole.

Doc then has a run in with Dark Angel Waverly but is summoned away to the Clanton ranch before he can give Dark Angel Waverly her book back.

It turns out that Doc is the next Clanton heir, and he and Wynonna have to duel.

Doc ends up badly injured, and Wynonna pleads with Dark Angel Waverly to save the man they both love.

Dark Angel Waverly agrees in exchange for the book and makes her way to the Garden.

Nicole gets there in time and is able to convince Dark Angel Waverly to make her the guardian over all of the Ghost River Triangle, both human and supernatural.

Dark Angel Waverly agrees and reverts back to Waverly.

They all celebrate at Shorty's and plan WayHaught's wedding.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Rachel: Whatever choices Wynonna’s made, she has a plan, and I trust her.
Cleo: Oh, the only thing you should trust is that sick little feeling in your gut because that reaper in the fog with Wynonna, it is Billy.
Rachel: No, Wynonna wouldn’t do that to me.
Cleo: Billy may have pulled out his own tooth to save you, but Wynonna, she’s leading him to his death. I am not your enemy, Rachel, really. I just want to get the hell out of this place for good. And Wynonna, she is a shit just like every Earp before her.
Rachel: She’s good people, and she’s my family.
Cleo: OK, sweetie. But are you hers?

Wynonna: What did Jolene do to you?
Dark Angel Waverly: Jolene? Oh yes, the body’s other half. Well, I suppose she helped Waverly evolve.
Wynonna: Waverly Earp, you wipe that ethereal look off your face this minute. This is not an Neya video. I want my sister back.
Dark Angel Waverly: I have but one destination.
Wynonna: You do not walk away from me. I’ve been through hell to get you back, so if you think for a second you’re just gonna bail…
Dark Angel Waverly: The affairs of man are no longer my concern.
Wynonna: I’m no man. I’m the woman who will not watch you become this thing.
Dark Angel Waverly: As you wish.