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A naked "Nicole" arrives in the Garden but is trapped by a barrier of sorts.

Waverly and "Nicole" talk while Doc goes to feed the machine but gets distracted when he realizes "Nicole" is an imposter.

As Doc rushes back to Waverly, "Nicole" is freed and reveals herself to be Eve.

Doc and Waverly then try to stop Eve, and after Doc impales Eve with shears, Waverly declares she's going to stop Eve once and for all by assuming Julian's throne.

Elsewhere, Wynonna and Rachel work together to get into the lab to open the portal to the Garden at the abandoned Black Badge facility.

On there way, they find a badly injured Nicole, and Rachel discovers her mother Dr. Gloria Valdez is dead.

Rachel then doesn't want to let Wynonna open the portal, as her mother died to keep it closed.

Wynonna, though, convinces her and enters the Garden.

Wynonna is reunited with Doc, who doesn't initially believe she is the real Wynonna.

After she convinces him, Wynonna goes to save Waverly, while Doc tries to stop Eve, but Eve escapes the Garden.

Wynonna is then able to convince Waverly to come home with her and keep her promise to Nicole.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc then leave the Garden and return to Purgatory, only to find they have been gone for 18 months.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Wynonna: Those things are everywhere.
Rachel: Those things used to be brilliant physicists. They were working on an interdimensional gateway.
Wynonna: To the Garden?
Rachel: Whatever it was Black Badge was trying to weaponize it. once they actually got the thing to open, BBD panicked and gassed everyone.
Wynonna: It’s the 2005 chili cook off all over again, minus the edibles I scored and riding ‘Hollaback Girl’ on repeat.
Rachel: You might be even weirder than me, and my best friend for six months has been a rat.

Doc: You are here.
Eve (as Nicole): I am.
Doc: But how are you here? And, uh, why did your garments not accompany you?
Eve (as Nicole): Ahhh. Ahhhh. Oh my god, don’t look at me.
Doc: I was not.
Eve (as Nicole): Do not look at me.
Doc: I would never. Although, Sheriff Haught, I have seen many fine form women in my lifetime.
Eve (as Nicole): No, nope.
Doc: This is nothing to me. This is merely water off a duck’s back.
Eve (as Nicole): I am not a damn duck, so stop talking and find me something to wear.