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A fire at the Homestead starts, and everyone believes it was started by the Clantons.

This leads Wynonna and Doc to look for Peacemaker, and Amon gives them a clue about where to find it.

The pair steal a painting entitled "A Woman Scorned" from a museum in the Ghost River Triangle, and the nunnery's mother superior tells Wynonna to find the woman scorned from the painting.

With the help of Nicole, Wynonna and Doc find the location in the painting and the woman scorned, who turns out to be Rosita.

Doc also has a crisis of conscience and starts to wonder if maybe it's time to make peace.

Elsewhere, Nicole remembers she made a deal with Ma'am to get Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc out of the Garden, but whenever she tries to talk about it, she spews frogs.

She also blacks outs and tries to kill her friends and family, which includes her starting the fire.

Jeremy comes up with a way to help Nicole, but she convinces him to try another tactic, which involves killing her.

They handcuff Waverly to stop them, but she manages to get free, just as Jeremy succeeds in "killing" Nicole at Shorty's.

Lastly, Rachel goes searching for Billy but comes up empty.

Viewers see that Billy has become a reaper. 

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Doc: Morning.
Wynonna: What are you doing sneaking around my barn?
Doc: What are you doing sleeping with a pistol under your pillow?
Wynonna: It’s my bedroom. I’ll ask the questions.
Doc: I’ve been keeping watch.
Wynonna: Over me?
Doc: Over all of you. As of late, we have been under siege.
Wynonna: Hey, fastest gunslinger in the west, I outdrew you.
Doc: I did not draw at all.
Wynonna: You ever been outdrawn?
Doc: Honestly, nope.
Wynonna: Do you not need to sleep anymore, now that you’re…
Doc: It’s one of the benefits of my condition.
Wynonna: We don’t talk about that anymore.
Doc: There is much that we fail to discuss.
Wynonna: Talking is overrated. Doc, did you eat another fireman?

Wynonna: Whoa, boner alert.
Nicole: Yeah, you look pretty good too, sis.
Wynonna: Yeah, we can get it. You ready?
Nicole: Ready? I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life.
Wynonna: C’mon.
Nicole: I can’t believe I’m walking down the aisle to become Waverly Earp’s wife.
Wynonna: Well, you sacrificed a lot to keep this place safe.
Nicole: Well, this place is my home, and you guys are my family.