Wynonna and Rachel - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10
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Wynonna spends all her time hunting and killing demons, and she and Waverly get into a fight about it.

Waverly and Doc then meet at the stairs, but they're attacked by two demons.

Waverly flees into the fog, while Doc and one of the demons are captured by BBD.

Waverly stumbles upon a house and finds an alive Jolene, who continues to torture Waverly, trying to get her to embrace her angelic powers.

Nicole and Casey go in after Waverly, but after a failed attempt where Casey dies, Wynonna and Nicole realize they need Jeremy to save Waverly.

Wynonna goes to BBD to get Jeremy and Doc, but she is only allowed to take one of them.

Wynonna ends up choosing Cleo because Cleo, as the Clanton heir, controls the reapers, and a reaper can guide Wynonna through the fog.

Reaper Billy leads Wynonna through the fog, and she gets to Waverly, who is still being tortured by Jolene.

Wynonna and Jolene fight, and Jolene kicks Wynonna out into the fog.

A distraught Waverly embraces her powers and becomes a full-fledged angel, killing Jolene before she sucks up the mind-altering fog from the Garden.

Elsewhere, Doc and Jeremy's various escape attempts fail, and the episode ends with Mercedes, who came to their resuce, being shot.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Waverly: Wynonna, you seem so…
Wynonna: Dedicated to keeping my friends and family safe?
Waverly: Really sad and lonely.
Wynonna: Well, we don’t all have the luxury of happily ever after.
Waverly: Doc loves you, and so do we.
Wynonna: Just keep the stupid gun.

Waverly: The first thing we want to say Wynonna is that we love you very much, and this is not an attack.
Wynonna: It’s worse. It’s a goddamn intervention.