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DAY 1: In DC, the women in charge try to figure out the Presidential line of succession. Agent 355 finds her tracking device and sets off.

DAY 8: Agent 355 arrives at her task force's secret headquarters. Everyone is dead, including her handler. She attempts to contact other branches across the country, or find any information about her mission, without success. She goes through some old personal artifacts, puts on a small gold medallion, and opens a little envelope that reads "Not yet!" In it, there is a note that bears an address in Massachusetts. 

Riots are raging outside the White House. All the women of DC are safely hidden away in a control room where they watch the chaos, discussing the rapid depletion of resources and power.

Agent 355 returns, and speaks to President Jennifer Brown privately. 355 divulges that she is a member of a secret task force and that she answers only to the President. She tells President Brown that she was assigned to the Secret Service on the day of the Event, as she had been told there was a threat, but she had not yet been briefed. 355 pledges her loyalty to President Brown. 

The rioters take the White House and the video signal is lost. President Brown gives an impassioned speech to her staff, urging them to pull together and do what they can for the survivors who are suffering.

DAY 63: Back in New York City, Yorick watches old videos of Beth on his phone. With Ampersand in his crate, Yorick heads out on another mission.

In DC, Christine informs President Brown about the status of New York City. The water is rising from the subways and the pumps are no longer operational -- with the amount of sewage and dead bodies, waterborne illnesses will become more prevalent. They only have 24 hours to evacuate the remaining 80,000 people safely, rather than a week as previously thought.

President Brown sends Agent 355 to New York City to find and extract Hero. 

At a FEMA center in New York, Hero notices a frustrated mother with a newborn trying to find information on her dead husband. Hero chats with her, and Hero mentions she's looking for her brother. The mother tells Hero that her husband was at work when the event happened.

A group of masked people -- Sam and his friends -- return to their hideout after a supply run. Hero has found a leatherman, but they reprimand her for not finding a camping stove. Privately, Hero and Sam discuss their plans. Hero doesn't like Sam's friends nor their plan to cycle to Vermont. Sam wants to find a government representative and tell them that Hero is the President's daughter. Hero claims she would not be able to stay sober around her mother. Hero leaves to find a camping stove, and Sam tells her they will be leaving as soon as it's dark.

Agent 355 heads to New York with two pilots on a leafletting mission. 

In DC, Kimberly gets dressed and made up while her mother Marla, the former First Lady, drifts in and out of lucidity. Kimberly passes some young girls running through the hallway.

President Brown is informed about a hostage situation in Arizona -- a militia group has taken over the statehouse, demanding answers and supplies. President Brown pulls Christine aside and asks for news about Hero. Christine says there is no information yet, but that Kimberley is here to speak with her.

Kimberly is concerned that the timeline for New York has been moved up -- there are specimens due for extraction later that week from the Manhattan Cryobank. Kimberly implies she should be part of the decision-making, since she is the former President's daughter. President Brown assures Kimberly that they have already extracted material from a number of sperm banks. Kimberly stresses that without men, there is no future, but President Brown is focused on the present. 

In New York, evacuation leaflets litter the streets. Yorick spraypaints a message for Beth at a coffee shop they used to frequent and finds old photos of them. Ampersand escapes into the sewer and Yorick goes after him, finding it dark and flooded. He wades into the filthy water to go after his monkey and is startled by a man's image on a poster.

Hero returns to the scene of her crime. She remembers her last night with Mike as she looks upon his rotting corpse. She retrieves Mike's ID from his pocket and leaves.

At a dry cleaner's, Yorick removes his wet clothes. A woman, presumably the owner, appears, shocked at the sight of his genitals. Yorick attempts to calm her, asking for some clean clothes, however, she cannot speak English. She calls for her two daughters, who are equally surprised to see a cisgender man. One daughter speaks English and asks Yorick if he is sick. Yorick insists he is not. He tries to maintain calm and leave. The other daughter pulls a gun on Yorick and tensions escalate. Yorick has a panic attack. The women give him clothes and let him leave. He warns them that they need to leave the city, but they are intent on staying. 

Hero returns to the FEMA center to find the woman with the baby -- Mike's widow -- and gives her her husband's ID. Mike's widow is sad but grateful. She had suspected Mike was cheating, and this confirms her suspicions. 

Yorick returns to the sewer and watches the video of him bringing Ampersand home to Beth for the first time. Ampersand shows up and the pair are reunited. Yorick goes to Hero's apartment, but there is no sign of her. 

Sam returns to the hideout, where Hero is waiting, alone. The others have left. Sam tries to relay his experience to Hero -- with the world as it is now, he is exposed as trans and constantly has to explain himself. Sam tells Hero that the others have taken the supply of testosterone, and he only has enough left for two weeks. Hero tells Sam she's got his back. Sam urges her to contact her mother, insisting that Hero owes him, and Hero relents.

Meanwhile, Nora Brady is just trying to get into the White House, but no one there knows who she is -- she is not on the list. 

Marla Campbell pays President Brown a visit, with drinks. Marla tells Jennifer she wants to go home, not to the White House, but back to Lynchburg to bury her son. President Brown tells her that's not possible right now. They discuss their daughters. President Brown divulges that she has sent someone to find Hero. 

Agent 355 arrives at Hero's apartment only to find Yorick. Together (with Ampersand), they return to DC, where Yorick is reunited with his mother.


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Y: The Last Man Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I think it's going to get worse -- maybe a lot -- before it gets better.

President Brown

Suyin: Why aren't you dead?
Yorick: That is a great question and I wish I knew.