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Jamie and Kayce have a brotherly moment while Kayce shows Jamie how to feed the horses.

Beth attends to her face while Rip sleeps in her bed. She kisses him lightly before leaving the room.

The family gathers for breakfast. It's Monica's first time. She wants Tate to wait for everyone before he starts eating, but John says if they do that, they'll never eat.

Beth can't even eat a melon without pain so asks Gator for a smoothie -- two scoops ice cream, two shots vodka.

While Beth and John wonder what they're going to tell Jason's parents, Rainwater drives up.

He and Mo ruminate the horizon.

Dan drives up and has a moment with Beth.

The three men discuss their disagreements and how they can come together to fight their common enemy. The long story short is they want to kill him. They all have to decide they want to do it together and say it out loud so they can figure out what to do about it.

Dan brings out a recorder. Dan says he wants the Becks dead. Rainwater says things get lost on the reservation and nobody looks. John takes the recorder. He doesn't need to say anything because he's the one doin' it.

Monica talks with Beth about her injuries, and Beth recommends she stick with teaching.

Malcolm goes back to his office and trashes the place. Teal suggests if it gets any bigger, people are going to start to notice. They want to take it all the way.

When Teal wonders if that means his children, and Malcolm wants to start with the one he loves the most. The camera pans to Tate.

Monica is worrying about life on the ranch. Kayce wants her to trust him. 

John checks in with Steve the Livestock Agent. Nothing on the plane. Until John probes further. Beck used his own plane.

Monica takes the kids to a bar where Native American's are rapping.

The kid wonder if they're safe there. She promises they'll be fine.

The performance of "when it all go bad, whose gonna ride with me" brings Monica to tears.

Cole wakes up to Beth beside him. He wishes they'd come back to life so he could kill 'em again.

Monica arrives home. Kayce says this won't do. What won't do? Her not speaking to him. It's like they're right back where they started. She wants to know what happened to Beth. After a quick chat, they agree moving into town might be a better idea.

Rip leaves Beth's bed. He's going back to the bunkhouse before he gets used to this. 

Rip stumbles back to the bunkhouse hardly able to walk. 

Jimmy is pacing. He needs to borrow a truck. He finally admits to Lloyd that the money is for his grandfather.

Jimmy waits outside of the bank like a freak, but gets a wad of cash to take to his grandpa. Except, it's not for his grandpa. It's for Ray, the methhead.

All they want is a pack of cigarettes. Smells like the new cook doesn't know he's doin'. Jimmy says they're done. But Ray wants paid for the bear spray stunt. Hahaha Ray says, he's just fucking with him. He wants another grand. Jimmy loses his belt buckle.

Tate is watching Kayce train LUCKY. He's very excited and wants to know what day Kayce will ride him. You can't rush a horse.

John talks with Monica. He knows why he fights to keep it, but wonders what Monica thinks. She doesn't think these days are too frequent. John reminds her that bad things happen all over and asks that they give it a chance.

John and Rip talk about amassing too much in common. When Beth starts walking toward them, John thanks Rip. He means it.

John directs Kayce to use the information he got. And he wants to know everything about it. Kayce wants John to set a meeting, somewhere they won't want to drive. John wants to control the situation, but Kayce settles on Jackson Hole.

Kayce says they need Dan's Special Forces guy. With him involved, Dan can't use it against them. Kayce wants it to be over. John doesn't think it will ever be over.

When Mustangs run, Rip tells Tate, they're seeing where they stand in the world and who's their friend. Beth watches with tears in her eyes. John tells Beth he's just a big teddy bear. Who knew?

Tate promises to make Lucky the best horse on the ranch.

Beth finds Jamie mucking out stalls. She antoganizes him again. She can't wait until someone loves him and he loves them so she can kill it with her bare hands to take it from him.

Someone pulls up to a security shack and kills the guard.

Kayce and Monica mess around in the bathtub. He laughs at her for being outfoxed by John. She wants to put a baby in every room. Chaos to make it a home. Kayce already wants to give it away to Tate just like John did to him.

John knocks at the door. Get dressed.

John proceeds to the bunkhouse to get Jamie. Get dressed.

Jamie goes to jump into the truck to find Kayce, packin' heat, already in the front seat.

Jamie has no idea what's gonig on, but they pull up to the gatehouse. Jamie is a lawyer tonight. Jamie thought he was going to the train station.

It was a tribal man on a country road on tribal land. Donnie says it looks like John. Rainwater doesn't think so, though. Construction on the casino will have to be halted.

Donnie says John better watch out because if they swung once, they're going to swing again. John wants to take care of it right now.

Malcolm's phone rings. The invitation to Jackson Hole is on. During the day, in the square, for all the world to see. Malcolm determines who John loves the most.


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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

John: How ya feelin' honey?
Beth: Like I just left the fuckin' spa, dad.

Kayce: It wasn't my idea to make you low man, so don't read into it too much.
Jamie: I read it for what it is. It's fine. I deserve it.
Kayce: You might need it, but you don't deserve it. Lose yourself in the work, man. Try to forgive yourself and move on. It's all you can do.
Jamie: Do you forgive me?
Kayce: I'm your brother, Jamie.
Jamie: You didn't answer my question.
Kayce: Yeah, I did.