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Two masked marauders are infiltrating the hanger where the Becks keep their plane. Hello, Kacey, we see you! They drop a bomb into the gas tank.

The wranglers are mending fences. Kayce finds John there and they discuss the sabotage and generations of fighting to keep the Yellowstone.

Tate faceplants on his way to see Lucky. He's so excited to get to the ranch.

Jimmy's grandfather is dead. The police know it's as a result of an assault wound and blood thinners mixes, but since they arrested Jimmy 15 times, they know where to find him.

Jimmy's grandfather died as a result of the injury he sustained after the assault.

Jimmy starts beating up a tree, and the wranglers find him. Rip is going to show him how to get rid of problems so they don't become new problems. Rip talks to Kayce. They need to take care of it tonight.

There is a lot going on right now, and even though Kayce wants to wait, Jimmy won't wait, so they can't.

Jamie gets a call from his former girlfriend/manager. They need to talk. Meet her at the coffee shop.

He wants to go somewhere more private. She does not. She shows him the kayaking accident article. She wants to know if it was an accident and if she's next. Is he a good man? She's pregnant. She wants to face it on her own.

She gives him nine months to decide what kind of a man she wants to be.

Monica is looking for new clothes for school when the proprietor wants to check her purse. She first said she was sick of students, but using the term "your people" isn't going to stick well with Monica.

She immediately calls Beth when they call the police. Kayce would kill somebody. They don't believe she's a student. To top it off, the cameras at the store don't work when she's called a thief. They fully intend to strip search her right on the premises.

It's horrifying what they're doing to her, and to make it worse, the blonde bitch tosses a ring onto the floor and hides it so the cops keep going.

Beth gets there and decides to raze the place to the ground. She wants Veronica to model a dress for her. Not in the dressing room, but right where they can see it.

Only her tears give Beth any satisfaction.

Monica stops it. Beth wants to go for a drink. Beth tells Monica to take Kayce with her the next time she leaves.

Dan visits John, expressing his love for Montana and how he just wanted to give others the opportunity to experience what he did. He wants John to buy him out. But John doesn't have the money. If he had the money, he would, but he can't. And he can't let Dan sell it either. Dan is the devil he knows, and they're stuck together.

Kayce finds Monica at home. She doesn't remember so much of ranch work being done after dark, but he's heading out to do Jimmy's bidding. She thinks he needs a different ranch, which he can't afford. But she knows he can't afford to stay at this one for his heart.

They will talk about it tomorrow.

Ryan wants to go with Rip and the gang. He's already in so deep it doesn't matter. The badge hasn't kept him clean.

Cowboy packs his bags. He's figured out it's time to leave.

John is grandfathering Tate. Tate wants ice cream after dinner. But did he feed his horse? Should he get his dessert before Lucky has his supper?

Tate feeds Lucky, and he forgets to close the gate.

It's fall. The wind is blowing leaves around. Tate senses something is off and turns around.

The wranglers are messing with the mobile home. They're drilling holes in the bottom and inserting gas tanks. Music is blaring so nobody can hear them, and they're passed out, of course.

Shot of the pilot light on the stove.

Jimmy spots his belt buckle. Rip screams for him to get the fuck off of the balcony. Jimmy goes in to get his buckle, standing there staring at his old compadre for a bit.

He wakes up, says Jimmy's name. Jimmy puts his boot on the guys throat. He doesn't get to sleep through this!

The place explodes. The guy is blown across the yard. Jimmy is down. It's mine! I won it he says as Rip rips him for risking his life.

John fell asleep on the couch. He wakes in front of a roaring fire. Where is Tate? Lucky is out of the paddock. Tate is gone.

John starts searching for the boy to no avail.

He checks to see if Monica is in with Monica. He's gone.

Everyone arrives back at the ranch and begins to search frantically.

Something happened, Kayce says upon arrival. It's one of the worst phrases in history.

John would have never let Tate go out if he knew the wranglers were gone, but they were off doing evil deeds.

It's daylight, and there is no sign of Tate.

There are tracks in the dirt. Did anyone drive back there? They're well worn, but apparently not.

Kayce finds Tate's boot. Monica falls to the ground and screams.


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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

There's a saying out here. If your daughter's riding a horse, no one's riding her.


It's the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone's gonna try to take it.