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Rodeo! Dude is roping a calf. That's it. It must be symbolic.

Kayce is getting dressed, calling for Tate to come to breakfast. Monica says that Tate is with John horse shopping. When Kayce objects to Monica's assertion that John is retired, she lays out many reasons to prove her point. Monica wants Kayce out of the way so she can volunteer.

It's John, Tate, Rip, and Jimmy. Tate wonders why they need more horses. John wants to market the horse and the rider. The riders are the best in the world.

Rip tells Jimmy that's how you make money on a horse. You create art with it.

I assume that these are real champion riders getting to show their stuff on a hit show.

Kayce hasn't been cleared to go back into the field yet.

John tells Kayce that hiding the incident from Monica isn't worth the effort since it's already in the newspaper. John offers himself for a conversation.

John tells Tate that secrets are like a callous on your heart. You tell enough of them, and before long, your heart won't feel a thing.

Swing over to Beth at the office. She's busy shorting Roarke's stock.

Roarke is on the phone and extremely angry. He cannot do anything to stop what she's started. They need to set a buyback.

Willa is watching the business news. She's ready to squash Schwartz & Meyer.

There are cattle cars all over the main street in front of Kayce's office. They all want to shake his hand to protect what's theirs while risking his life to do it.

Jamie waits in his office.

They have a conversation about what just happened, being brothers, the land deal, and why it needs to come from Beth. Kayce wants to see the offer before he approaches Beth.

Monica is setting herself up for a kidnapping on the highway, complete with her car issues. There is no signal for her cell phone. Does she know what she's doing? Or is this for real? You can't really tell with Monica.

A car starts to approach. The family doesn't even slow down. They're indigenous.

Another guy pulls up. Turek tow truck. He offers her a ride to Billings after he reveals he doesn't have the part she needs. She grabs the keys and gets into the truck.

Schwartz & Meyerstock is plummeting. Beth has Bob on the phone. He needs to do a buy blitz and do not stop. There is a charge on their stock from Market Equities. She wants whoever is on it to get it out. Her assistant is fired when she's not able to stand up on Beth's commands.

Beth calls Angela. Market Equities is on the market and Beth wants Angela to call everyone to buy.

Willa saunters over to a computer. She wants to get Beth fired and then hire her for them. Jamie is on the phone. He wants the contract. Willa tells her people that after it gets to $150 to dump it. Every fucking share.

John wants to remind the rest of the world that they're here. They chat about the bronco that didn't buck hard enough.

John's not interested in killing the horse. Can't have him killed just because he doesn't want to be ridden. Hell, he doesn't want to be ridden, either.

John wonders if Rip has anything else he wants to discuss. They talk about Beth.

Jimmy learns a bit about horses from Lloyd. Rip arrives. Load up the trailer and the horse.

There is no conversation with Monica and the cowboy. He pulls off a dirt road. He's quite far gone before she questions it. He says there is a spot with good cell service so she can call home. Is he taking her to a romantic location?

Monica runs, but the guy catches her. She punches him off of her and takes off again.

She smacks him in the head with a rock. The guy gets a shot to the head. Mo has killed him.

He puts his hat back on and rides, but Monica is running in the same direction.

Trucks are on the way. Rainwater is there. He wants her to slow everything down. EMS is on the way. Mo tells her she's brave. She had no idea she was covered in blood until she sees Mo's shirt. A whistle blows. They found remains.

It's a killing field. There are remains all over.

Schwartz & Meyers stock plummets. On the phone is Bob's assistant. He's on the way to Boseman and has set an appointment.

Kayce approaches with the documents. She wonders what Jamie gave him to give to her.

Bob and Lloyd have been driving for six hours. They arrive at a horse reserve. Lloyd calls him a softie.

Rip tells Lloyd that he's getting married. He needs a best man, and Rip wants Lloyd.

Rip releases the horse to his newfound freedom. He does the right thing by turning around to say thank you before running off again. And, I cry.

Monica admits to Rainwater that she didn't tell Kayce what she's doing today. He wonders how Kayce tells her about his adventures and shows him the paper.

She looks at it and says, "It's no wonder we're married, huh? We think exactly alike."

Colby and Teeter are fixing the fence. He still cannot understand a thing she says. She makes him stop the vehicle. Come on baby, let's get naked! They're going skinny dipping.

She laughs. He sure understood her then! Wade is going to die!

Neither of them comes up for air. WTF??

Monica is showering. She tells Kayce to close the door.

Kayce can't tell her that he's bad because if she believes it, then it's true. They reveal their stories to one another and wrap each other in their arms.

Beth and John talk. She reminds him that everything she does is for him, to please him. But she will do whatever it is he wants her to do. And she hands him the contract.

There is a seven-day close. The consequences of not doing it are going to outweigh those of doing it. She gives it to him straight. If they push, then Jamie will not be able to litigate for them. Only if he resigns. But even she can see the value in having him in office.

In the end, they'll just be selling off the ranch to pay the taxes while the government carves it away, and then John will die, and there will no be way for Kayce or Tate to make a living from it. Seven generations would be gone, and they'd have nothing. He thinks there has to be another way. She assures him there isn't.

He made a promise, and he'd rather lose it than break it.

Rip and Lloyd go into a and get some drinks. Inside? The dude that Rip let go. Uh oh. It's Walker, singing up a storm.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jamie: He never had that. He had their respect; he had their loyalty, but that? I don't even know what you call that.
Kayce: I don't either. Gratitude, I guess.

Kayce: Wow. That is a nice horse.
John: Expensive taste runs in the blood.
Tate: That's the only way my dad will get it 'cause he's broke as hell.