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John Dutton is alive!!! He wrote words in blood before him. Blue two-tone van. The crows are in the road playing with bullet casings. John puts his bloody hands up to protect his eyes.

Rip arrives!

Kayce is on the phone with Monica. He screams at her to get to the bunkhouse NOW!

The sheriff arrives as Kayce gets a call from Rip. All hell is breaking loose. Rip is on his way to the hospital, but what about Beth??

Beth is stumbling out of the building. She looks like she's dressed for Halloween.

Her hearing is gone. She can't hear a man asking if she's OK, but she asks for a cigarette. She's such a badass.

OMG!! They got to the house. She's being dragged onto the floor and screaming, but our little man, Tate, blows the fucker away!!

Lloyd arrives. Get to the Bunkhouse!!

Haskell warns Kayce there are too many people on the road. Kayce doesn't care and rams the van. Out pop, a ton of guys with weapons raging. Major shootout.

Kayce is down!!!

Monica surveys the damage and its grave. Bodies everywhere. The wranglers are exacting justice, and Mia is screaming for Jimmy. She finds him.

OMG. Rip's house is burning down!!

Lloyd has to get rid of the bodies.

OMG. There's nothing left of Rip's house. Nothing but burning embers.

A peek at 1883!!! There's John Dutton Sr.!!

They've got Indians on the land. His father would like to rest here. He wants permission to visit after burying them. John offers them a steer and allows them to eat and feed their horses.

John has disconnected his gear. Beth sees Daddy. It's been months. They put him back to sleep. He's got a clot.

Beth finds a child outside, and they trade barbs. His dad is dying from heroin addiction. He's quit school, and Beth says the world needs ditch diggers too. She gives him a cigarette, and he says Beth is cool. She says, what's the difference? He'll be in jail soon enough anyway. I think they'll take him in.

The kid's dad is dying, and Beth goes with him. His father is brain dead. The kid says goodbye.

Some dirty dude is playing at a reservation casino, and when the dealer says John Dutton has his land, the guy says he shot John Dutton.

Security sees this go down and brings him in.

Chester Spears is his name. Rainwater laughs at the thought Spears could be responsible for the Duttons' situation, and Rainwater knows that if they're coming for the Duttons, they're coming for the reservation next. Rainwater wants them to do him like their grandfathers liked to do it in the old times.

Mo drags him across the field. The guy cries. He doesn't want to die. If he doesn't tell Mo what he knows, Mo will take the war to his family.

Rip calls Lloyd. The boss is coming home today, and he wants people around.

Jimmy's alive. Mia is helping him through rehab.

John gets a motorcade to the ranch and arrives by ambulance.

John's in pretty bad shape, but he's cantankerous. He doesn't want the hospital bed. Maggie is there to take care of him, and John's eyes could burn a hole right through her brain.

We haven't seen Kayce. I think he's dead.

John stumbles down the stairs.

Kayce is alive. The world is crumbling.

Beth blows away the wind chimes, something we have all wanted to do.

Jamie is on the phone with Roarke when Beth visits the office. She takes a bunch of stuff from his room and attacks him with a mousetrap and baseball.

Beth promises to kill Jamie. She's not going to farm it out like he did. She's going to do it herself.

John visits the bunkhouse. He's there to apologize. He's sorry for what they went through as people were after him. He thanks them for protecting him, the place, and his family.

John grabs a beer, joins poker, and wonders how this new co-ed reality is working out.

Beth is at the bar. A woman and a husband come into the bar, and Beth is annoyed that the man's husband left her at the bar to go powder his nose leaving her to buy the beer.

Beth is cheered up when the woman follows her advice.

Beth wants Rip to stay in bed with her. Rip has something bad to do. Rip heads to the river. He's got a snake in a cooler and kills Roarke.


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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Kid: What happened to your face?
Beth: What happened to yours, you insensitive little fuck.

Rip: Your dad's been shot.
Kasey: Where?!
Rip: Every-fuckin-where, Kasey.