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Looks like we're in Texas again. Country crooning and lots of cattle.

So, a totally useless scene. We don't even know who the hell those people were.

Yep. It's Jimmy. I guess this is going to be a show only for cowboys because this is boring AF.

John suggests that Carter start working things out with Beth.

Monica panics when she can't find Tate. The poor kid can't even enjoy himself on all that land. Tate, dog, and Kayce are doing some tracking in the field.

Monica is still jealous.

Carter picks flowers for Beth. She doesn't want them because she wants him to have the balls to say he's sorry. Carter would like a ride to town so that he can take his chances in foster care.

Beth asks him about his dreams, but he says he doesn't have any because he's too busy trying to figure out what he's going to eat and where he's going to sleep. She calls him back with a set of rules he must promise to obey. Carter says he can do it. She wants to shake on it.

Back to Jimmy in the ultimate boredom showdown.

Jimmy is taking part in sperm collection. That's fun.

Jamie is playing with is baby while Christina watches. Garrett joins her. Garrett pats himself on the back for his incredible paternal skills.

Garrett wants Jamie to be governor. He wants Christina to do him a favor.

Beth goes into the office to see her office. She breezes past everyone without saying hello. A young man named Cal has a conversation with Beth that doesn't go well. She fires him.

Beth heads into a meeting that's discussing infrastructure in phases. There's a huge parcel of Yellowstone land. Fifty-two gates at the airport? That's a lotta gates.

John and Rip are wondering what's up with the boys when Walker exits asking what to do. Teeter wants a word with John. She says nobody works harder than she does, and when she reveals the brand, John wonders why this just came up.

Rip tells Teeter to get her stuff and put it in the bunkhouse. She hugs him with gratitude, assuring her that the brand means something.

Governor shows up. John says it's either real good or real bad, and she asks him to walk with her.

They clasp hands, and she says she's running for senate. She wants Jamie to take over. John is adamant that won't happen.

He's so adamant that he accepts her endorsement for governor. She warns him that the press is going to hound him about all the things he's done. His campaign slogan will be damned right it is.

Lloyd trades his buckle for a gun. Old idiot.

Jamie smells his hands for spooge. The girl's name is Emily, and she looks just like Mia. She's decided to make her move since he's one of the few single men in the county. She offers to buy him dinner. He turns her down, but he'll buy her dinner.

Summer is busy with a fur is murder campaign that Beth interrupts.

Beth assures Summer that 15 people standing in front of a store shaming customers doesn't do anything for anybody, let alone the minks.

When Summer questions what Beth knows about saving the environment, Beth drops the real bombshell about the airport and the crested butte size city.

At least we know Summer's purpose now.

Mo gives Kayce a name for the dog, Shunka. Just after being named, Shunka picks up a scent that leads them right to the mustang control commission. Dude claims they're mustangs. Kayce says that they blong to the Nation. The dude says they can take 'em by Friday, or else the Federal Government will take them.

Rip shows Carter how to tie a proper knot on reins onto a bridle. Knowing those things are what saves your life.

John calls Beth to the lodge. He would like Beth and Rip to move in, and she says he'll have to ask Rip himself. She wants him to ask, not request. She wants him to ask and accept the answer he gets.

But accepting Rip as family is kind of cool.

Then John tells Beth he's running for governor. Beth falls into his arms. Now we control the narrative, she says. His first move will be to find a way to eliminate Jamie from office. But John wants Beth to find a way to get him out of runnning. Too late. She's totally on board.

The only way the Yellowstone lives beyond the next four years is if he pulls the strings and holds the purse strings. This is the way to save the ranch.

The bunkhouse is watching the Yellowstone horse in competition when Lloyd comes in. Walker tells Laramie to get out of his bed. Lloyd got Walker a new guitar. Things appear to be on the mend.

Walker asks Lloyd what he'd like to hear, but he allows Walker to pick, and Walker picks one that he thinks will suit Lloyd.

Everyone gets a little teary eyed.

John asks Rip, and Rip accepts.

Kayce and Mo get the horses.

Those scenes are always a lot of fun.

Kayce tells Avery to get some trail cameras.

Rainwater thanks Kayce and tells him to watch out for Avery.

The governor calls Jamie to the press room. He checks himself in the mirror and walks downstairs, where he finds John and Beth. The pep goes out of his step.

Jamie says he's suprised he's here, and John says they wouldn't miss this for the world. The poor bastard thinks it's him, and as he's walking down the stairs, Lynelle announces John. Jamie is gutted.

While John accepts the nomination, Beth says that this is just the beginning.


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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I just jacked off a horse.


Carter: If I don't give you flowers when I'm sorry, when do I give 'em?
Beth: You give 'em for no reason, buddy, no reason at all.