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John is moving back into his room that Kayce abandoned.

Beth is in the bedroom because she doesn't want John to be alone. They discuss a book that she's reading. She's seeking advice from her dad, who doesn't necessarily have the answers.

John says he can't wash off lonely, so he surrenders to it. But he walked into his room, and he saw her, so he wasn't alone anymore. He hopes she lives longer than him because he cannot imagine a world without her in it. She says she'll never die. Only the good die young, and if a meteor smashes into the earth tomorrow, it will be her and the cockroaches runnin' this motherfucker.

We check in with Monica, Kayce, and Tate on the res. Rainwater had Tate in a sweat tent. Monica was worried about him, but Rainwater wonders why Tate feels guilty for doing something he should be proud to have done.

Monica regrets not killing the dude herself. Rainwater says it's a warrior's regret.

Rip is still laying into Lloyd. He wants Lloyd to ride a mare, which upsets Lloyd. He also wants Lloyd to show Carter how to saddle a horse and to understand the parts of the saddle by name.

Jamie is calling various prisoners looking for information. He calls the lawyer of one prisoner and says he'll offer his client immunity for info on the John Dutton attack.

We're in Texas again. Jimmy got stung by a scorpion as Barry Corbin sat there watching.

Rip still doesn't think Carter will be around long enough to call him anything but boy. John chats with him and says that his good looks will get him in trouble.

There is a protest in the street. Tossing red paint and all that jazz. Haskell is pissed because Kayce gave them what they wanted by getting teed off.

John wonders what's going on with Lloyd. John wants Rip to remember who Lloyd is to Rip, to both of them. Who he is is why Lloyd's still walkin', Rip says.

John gets called in to the commotion and takes Ryan along with him. Ryan doesn't understand why anyone would pour paint on themselves. He even asks the protestors before John pulls him away.

Summer Higgins is in charge of the protest. She gets into it with John about toxic male fantasies. They're there protesting the state-sanctioned police who are helping big ranching or something. John lists all of the animals that get killed by planting fields.

Walker doesn't want to sleep in the trailer anymore, so he's by the fire. Laramie joins him to screw. Of course, Lloyd walks up on it and doesn't walk away. He just gets angry and pushes off the corral

Monica is looking for houses. Kayce says the house looks nice after Tate seems happy.

Beth tells John she's taking the job at Market Equities. He wants to know how taking the job helps us. She said it helps them when she runs it into the fuckin' ground.

John pays Summer's bail. He did it because he respects that she believes she's doing the right thing. He'd like to show her the ranch. He's interested in understanding her better and hopes that she'll understand him better.

She declines initially but decides to travel with him anyway.

A guy named Charlie gets full immunity to talk with Jamie. He's worried about being a snitch, but Jamie offers him the world in return. Jamie shows him Garrett's photo. Did this man hire you to facilitate the murder of the Dutton family?

Someone is at Jamie's place knocking on the door. Garrett calls out "can I help you?"

John agrees with Summer that there will be a time when earth sheds humanity like its own skin and it will be our fault. She's surprised.

Beth is offering the ranch for weddings but not the whole ranch experience like hay rides and bobbing for apples.

She's at Bob's office to tell him that he's in her seat. She drove seven hours just to tell him that. She's the new president of Market Equities Montana Division. The only thing she wanted by way of payment was controlling interest, and she's here to utilize that power.

Jamie gets home to see a car in the driveway. He's boiling mad when he sees Garrett. The visitor is Jamie's old girlfriend with their baby. He did everything that he said he would do, including getting away from the Duttons.

Jimmy's still hanging with the old folks when a guy comes up and asks Jimmy if he's ready for work.

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