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Younger John Dutton is helping Rip dispose of the body of the man he inadvertently killed. They just tossed him over the valley into the train station.

John asks Rip what the guy said about Beth and wonders why it bothered him so much. John said if the only time he fights is to protect someone on the ranch or the ranch itself, he'd be surprised how much fighting he'd be doing.

John started branding cowboys because when they weren't committed to the ranch, they rustled the cattle. This commitment goes both ways. Rip will have a home until the day he dies or the ranch is no more. That is something worth fighting for.

John leaves before Rip makes the decision to take the brand or to go to the train station. Seems he doesn't like the dirty work. Back at the bunkhouse, the cowboys welcome him warmly. Rip finally has a family.

Well, lookie there. It's Jimmy and Emily. They're still together. Living together, actually. It's quarter after three in the morning, and she strips to get him to stay a little longer.

Now, he's got to work all day with an empty stomach.

They drive the horses to the pasture, too. I never realized that's how it worked.

Emily's working with the horses when she gets a call from Jimmy. He'll be home at six and wants for supper what he had for breakfast. She says that's dessert.

Jimmy makes a joke about his painful feet, but Emily doesn't find it funny. They tease each other.

Now we're at the Yellowstone. Monica is watching the cowboys when John comes up. She thanks him for what he told her before. He thinks God gives us tragedy so that they can share it. Then John offers a house to Monica and Kayce if they'll help with the ranch so it stays in the family and Tate can have it.

John asks Kayce for help tomorrow, and he says he needs to ask Monica. He hugs Kayce. He's stronger than he was. He loves him.

John joins Clara in the Suburban and off they go.

Jamie is at the capital. He heads to the rotunda and takes the stand. He's addressing congress.

John arrives at Rainwater's speech, where Lynelle is surprised that so few council members are here. He says they won't stand with him. At the same time, Jamie is addressing an egregious act of dereliction for what John did to cancel the airport and whatnot. He says John stole billions ofd dollars from the act, and then by adding a tax on non-residents, he's killed tourism.

John is talking about the difference between progress and bias, and that running it under an already impoverished land isn't progress at all and can be devastating. He will use the full weight of his office to keep it from happening.

Jamie officially asks for impeachment. It seems like Rainwater and the Res might finally stand behind John at a time he needs it the most.

Lynelle gets pinged about what Jamie did. John refuses to fall for the press pouncing on him and says the more pressing issue is what's before them and not the theater in Helena.

Clara is indignant. She says truth prevails, but John says they need to fight with menace, and he'll teach her how to fight that way.

Beth emerges from her bedroom to find Summer on the couch. She's on house arrest, she says, and what Beth is angry about Summer sucking her father's face. They trade their normal barbs before Summer shows her what happened in Helena today. Beth is appalled. That's mother fucker.

The cowboys are done for the day. The girl Carter met at the fair is on the ranch. Her family pulled out about an hour ago, but she wanted to say goodbye. She's got her own truck, which he likes to her. Then she asks him if he'd like help unsaddling.

The cowboys are packing for their long trip. Winter is pretty bad down there, which surprises them. They're all having a hell of a good time at each other's expense. Lloyd is in charge while Rip is gone. Colby acted like he wouldn't miss Teeter, but the look on his face betrays that.

Beth has perfumed a hankie for Rip. She'll fly out and see him in a week. Colby runs outside to say goodbye. Awww. She tells him she loves him.

Beth heads to Jamie's house. He's in bed with Sarah, saying John is going to fight. Is he really this big of an idiot??

Sarah tells him to ignore Beth, so Beth breaks into his house. She smacks him over the head with the rock. He either resigns, or she is printing photos for the sheriff. He says she won't do it. Jamie wonders how many bodies her father has put in the same spot. She had no idea about the train station.

Beth's next stop is to the capital.

John, Lynelle, and Clara are watching the news. They've got something about the wolves. It's a hit piece. Beth arrives to talk about the train station, and it's not what she wants to hear. But now that she knows, she thinks that's the place Jamie needs to go.

Jamie is whining to Sarah about Beth, who, he says, has always been a monster. He says she'll try to have him killed. Sarah laughs. Jamie isn't laughing. Jamie asks if there is a group that has experience with this type of situation. She mentions security. He wants to play offense. There are companies, yeah. Sarah says they're professionals, not hitmen. It will look like a heart attack or a car accident. Jamie wants to meet with them. Sarah will meet with them on his behalf.

Monica wants to check out East Camp. She doesn't want to go back to a rented house and stare at a nursery that isn't filled. Kayce says East Camp isn't much of a house. But it would be theirs.

Kayce worries about his vision. It was between this place and Monica. Monica says maybe East Camp is the way they have both.


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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Jimmy: I'm happy.
Emily: You should be. Hope you been buyin' lottery tickets as lucky as you got.

I didn't say stop rubbin'. Your work day ain't over, baby.