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Young Rip and the guy who slept with Beth are on duty watching for wolves. Rodney talks about holding Beth's ass instead of sitting here with Rip, and Rip attacks him for speaking of her like that. Rodney had no idea what was coming. But he has blade and runs after Rip. Rip grabs a rock and beats him silly.

Midway through the night, the guy is suffering, bleeding from his head. Rip covers him with a blanket, and Rodney begins to vomit. He's going to die.

They decide he needs a hospital, and Rip rides for help. Rodney tells him to say he fell off of his horse and it trampled him so that Rip doesn't get in trouble.

Rip tries waking John by ringing the bell and pounding on the door. He tells John what happened, admitting that he hit him with a rock after he spoke poorly of Beth and rushed him with a knife.

By the time they find him, he's dead. John wonders why he didn't say he fell off his horse. Rip said John told him never to lie to him, so he didn't even when Rodney told him to. Another cowboy says they can drop Rodney at the train station. John thinks about it and tells Rip that he can do something, but it means he'll be tied to the ranch forever and will do what he says no matter what. Rip agrees.

Jamie is talking. This is not what he was supposed to be. He was raised to be a cowboy, to run a ranch, to know the nuances of being a cattle producer. He's telling Sarah how his life began and what John demanded he be instead.

Jamie never thought that Beth probably wrote the essay John sent to Harvard that got him accepted. Sarah tells Jamie that John is jealous and scared of him because the future is in how the everything changes. She says that the largest cattle processer in the US is Brazilian and they're cutting down millions of acres of the rainforest and that the cattle industry will be in Brazil.

Jamie says the only thing he's ever loved is that ranch and Sarah asks him to help her save it.

The cowboys are still on the range. Ryan's girl is with him in the tent.

John is up drinking coffee before any of the cowboys even wake..

Monica wakes with tears in her eyes. Tate's becoming a man, and it makes her happy.

John tells Rip that this is his favorite part of everything they do.

After messing with the women, Beth tells Monica that she experienced what Monica went through, and when she says she's sorry, she means it. Monica says that's why she's mean because she keeps that inside and no one knows. Beth says she was a mean fuckin' bitch before it happened, too.

Rainwater and Mo visit with Lynelle. She said the Department of the Interior has proposed two pipelines with a proposed pathway through the reservation, just as Rainwater said when Angela stupidly invited him.

The pathway runs under their reservoir, their drinking water. They chose the shortest distance between two points, and with state land on one side and private ranches on the other, it was also the path of least resistance.

Lynelle says she's opposed to the action but doesn't think it will matter. John wants her to stand with them in their opposition, and she agrees. Rainwater wants her to remind John that he's their governor, too.

There are stillborn buffalo calves lining the trail the cowboys are taking. Lloyd rides to John. Brucellosis, John says. If one cow has it, the state destroys the whole herd.

Summer is helping to vaccinate the herd. She's traumatized, but it's not clear why.

They might have to kill the whole herd, which is insured, but it's 100 years of genetics. They have to lease ground for about half the herd since they can't use the land where the buffalo roam lest they get brucellosis.

Rip tells Lloyd he'll go with the herd and chooses who will go with him. Even though he'll be leaving Beth behind, he says he'll be going instead of Lloyd.

Walker is excited to be doing some real cowboy shit. Rip wants Ryan to tell him now if leaving his girl will be a thing, and Ryan assures him it won't. They're all grateful for the chance.

Beth stops John from breaking the 100 year old Swarovski crystal in anger. She begins talking price for the land, which will be $1.4 million a month. She says they don't have that. He wants to take a loan.

Beth cannot believe how little money they will get if they sell the cattle because they don't sell beef. She lays into him about his unsuccessful business plan before leaving him to start making calls.

Ellis Steel and Sarah are in Jamie's office when he gets there. His secretary tells Jamie that women know women and men know what women want them to know, and she's worried about him with Sarah.

Ellis and Sarah do not have happy looks on their faces. They're angry about the land trust and conservation easement. Jamie didn't know about it, and Ellis wonders if he has the authority to override it. Jamie is livid. Sarah eyes Ellis to leave, and tells Jamie ME will sue the state for a bad faith agreement to the tune of about $4 billion. The state will go bankrupt.

Sounds like an impeachable offense to her. She says this is Jamie's chance to become governor and get their fuckin' land back.

Beth calls a beef thingy, wondering if it's her beef that they raise and sell online. They raised a little over eight million pounds of beef. They just need to have over two years of money to feed the cattle before they make any money.

John tells Beth that nobody has been able to fill out the repacker, but Beth assures him that she is the businessman in the family and will make the deal of a lifetime for him.

Rip asks Beth to the fair, fearing her answer. John wonders if that's a metaphor. It's not.

Rip tells Carter to get cleaned up because they're going to the fair, but he's worried about how long Rip will be gone.

It's a very small version of a county fair, more like a high school fair, but it looks fun.

Carter and Tate are at the shooting gallery together. Both have casts on their arms. Tate wins. Kayce and Monica look on and smile before giving them more money, telling him to make it last. Tate says a hot dog is nine dollars. He gets more money.

Teeter wants Colby to win her the bear. He just has to get it in the hole, and he does it all the time at home. He keeps saying there are kids around.

Beth decides she'll move to the nearest city where Rip will be with the cattle. She'll rent a suite and drive to him for happy hour.

Abby walks away when Ryan says he'll be gone for a year. He compares her singing to cowboying. It's his life. She understands chasing a dream and hopes he catches it, but she wishes the dream were her.

Summer says that John looks sad. He's sad because his way of life is dying and he can't stop it. Summer says that this place is different because she's been all over the place, and nowhere else did anyone ever bring her to a branding or the fair or anything else. She was judged just like she judged John. She understands now and wants John to make sure others understand, too.

Jamie has written a speech for John's impeachment. Sarah thinks it's perfect.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

The herd's insured, but I don't know, I don't know how we rebuild 100 years of genetics.


Summer: I thought we agreed to get along.
Beth: We did. I didn't agree to placate some of your hippie bullshit where every institution and every custom is designed to oppress.
Summer: They are.
Beth: They are what you make 'em, babe.