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Scotty McNeil, who is Rhonda's brother, works in the special situations group in Washington D.C. and is an expert in Extinction Level Events. He informs the US President that the comet will cause tsunamis and toxic clouds, and the only survivors will be microbial. Scotty proposes that the President announce Operation Savior, which will give the people hope. The operation is really a distraction, and Scotty secretly proposes a bunker in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which can keep 15 people alive for a century. The bunker will be a selected group of women along with a sperm bank. The President agrees with the plan, liking the idea that the bunker will need a leader. 

In New Mexico, Rhonda and Leanne are still held captive by Ariel (The White Horse) and his friend Max. Ariel thinks that Rhonda hacked the NSA and wants to know all her secrets. Once Rhonda confesses that it wasn't her, Ariel realizes that it was her son, Spike. He leaves Rhonda by the side of the road. Ariel also implies that he believes the apocalypse isn't real, and is just a government conspiracy. Rhonda and Leanne agree to help each other. Rhonda calls Scotty to ask him to check in on her husband and son. 

In Slough. England, Jamie is planning to go to Moscow, but Dave persuades him to start smaller. Jamie asks his mom for more information, and she gives him the address of his birth mother. When they arrive at the house, they discover that it's been abandoned for a while. Both of them get shot by tranquilizer darts. They wake up in a bathroom, chained to the bath tub. A woman comes in and threatens Jamie, believing that he's April. 

Meanwhile, at the Vatican. the church wants Jude to investigate the second coming of Christ. Jude realizes that there might be an antichrist during the end times. Celine and Jude agree to face the beast together. 

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ariel: Why are you taking air fresheners?
Rhonda: I don't know, I've never looted before!

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